Fireweed by MJ Vieira Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Fireweed The Manjian Chronicles Book 1 by M.J. Vieira Genre: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Adventure 
Fire cleanses and brings new life

In the far off land of Manji, two tribes live in a strained peace- the magic wielding Manjians and the supernatural Vampires. A delicate balance is kept between the two races who depend on one another for survival. This peace is broken however when the fireweed, or Io as it’s called, a mythical plant, grows once again within the cursed land called the Barron. Named in a prophecy that speaks doom for both races, the beautiful plant causes panic within the Vampire community. But the bigger mystery comes when a prisoner, thought dead, is found to be alive and has escaped into the forbidden lands beyond the Vampire’s border. Prince Jarek is sent to retrieve her, only to find his life set on a new course when the true Io reveals herself as both a worthy adversary and lover. Will the species survive her wrath? How much will the fire cleanse?

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MJ Viei…

The Mystery of Flight 2222 by Thomas Neviaser Book Tour and Giveaway :)

The Mystery of Flight 2222 by Thomas Neviaser Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Two strangers meet while seated together on a long distance air flight. The more seasoned of the two creates a game to pass the time. They choose seven passengers and proceed to guess their names, age, occupation, marital status, and personality. Later, they are informed of severe mechanical problems disabling the plane, leading to a crash into the sea. They survive along with only seven other passengers, incredibly the seven people from the game they had just played. The subsequent prolonged and horrifying adventure in a raft presents many obstacles to their survival including sharks, severe weather, death, hunger, thirst, declining physical and mental health, paranoia, and pirates of the high seas. Their long awaited rescue from the ravages of the sea is just the beginning of their trip to Hell and back.
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The sun was setting, and a cool breeze had begun to blow. Frank awoke to se…

The Princely Papers by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Book Tour and Giveaway :)

The Princely Papers by Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar Genre: Contemporary Romance
Albie Ringham is like most twentysomething men. He likes fast cars and women who look good driving them. As the spare in the Ringham dynasty, he parties in the best nightclubs around the world while his sister Victoria prepares to take the throne one day. When fate thursts the crown back onto Albie's head, three generations of romance, hopes and frustrations come along with it. Can Albie fulfill generations of his family's obligation to become the people's prince? Or will he be lured away from duty by love when introduced to the winsome Rachel?
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Chapter TwoAlbert Present Day
Albert leaned back, though he might as well have tried to move a brick wall. The ornate chair gave no quarter. His lower back remained a knot of muscle, a remnant from his flying days, whenever he sat still. Overhead chandeliers cascaded fifteen feet above the tables, laid for a three-course meal. Oyster forks. Albe…

Haka Ever After by Dahlia Donovan Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Haka Ever After The Sin Bin #7 by Dahlia Donovan Genre: M/M/ Contemporary Romance
You are cordially invited to the Sin Bin wedding of the year—kilts required, undergarments optional. Taine Afoa has faced opponents on the rugby pitch without an ounce of fear.  He hopes to find the same courage when asking the love of his life to marry him. First, though, he has to ask Freddie’s fathers for their blessing. If Taine survives, popping the question should be a breeze. Freddie Whittle knows Taine has something up his sleeve. A yes forms on his lips before the question is even asked. But can they survive the madness of friends and family, all wanting to help plan their wedding? As their May-December romance tumbles into happily ever after, one surprise after the other brings them more joy than they ever imagined possible. The short story Haka Ever After is the seventh (and last) book in Dahlia Donovan’s international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and…

Dangerous Secrets Series by RM Alexander Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Never Again Dangerous Secrets Book 0.5 by RM Alexander Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Failure isn't an option…
Ken Shepherd's witness is murdered, leaving him to want more than just to arrest the criminals and walk away. A career change to the Witness Security Program gives the opportunity to help people who made bad decisions find a second chance. But will high expectations lead to happiness or is death lurking around the corner? Never isn't as far as it seems in this action-packed prequel to the Dangerous Secrets series.

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Rush hour. Why did it have to be rush hour? Ken Shepherd groaned as he darted and zagged through the Denver traffic, horn blaring as he screeched by passing cars. Nearby drivers swerved in a panic as he tore past, but they didn't have a reason to be afraid. Specialized training taught him how to drive, and how to stay cool under pressure. He zipped in between a gray sedan and navy van. No problem with the d…