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The Circle of the Red Scorpion by Charlene Johnson Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Shattered Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 1 by Charlene Johnson Genre: Paranormal Romance Beneath the flashing lights and the throbbing beat of the music in an LA night club, Drake Devereaux admits he's grown tired of his playboy lifestyle and vows to change it. Haunted by a devastating tragedy in his past, he's never dated a woman he could love. Ebony Jordan lives a mundane life but longs for the hot, steamy nights she writes in her romance novels. She can write happy endings in her stories but never one herself. Drake and Ebony meet by chance and know it is more than a casual fling. Their attraction is immediate and all consuming. They share a passionate kiss and an unforgettable night of sex. When he opens the door to her innermost fantasies, she starts to believe in the impossible. When Drake allows his fears to separate them, Ebony must face the stark reality - happily ever after only happens in fairytales. Solomon Blackwell, a powerfu

The Secrets of Hawthorne House by Donald Firesmith Book Tour and Giveaway with Personal Review :)

The Secrets of Hawthorne House by Donald Firesmith Genre: Teen Paranormal Mystery Fifteen-year-old Matt Mitchell was having the worst summer imaginable. Matt’s misery started when a drunk driver killed his mother. Then Matt’s father moved him and his sister to a small town in rural Indiana, as far as his grieving father could get from the ocean that his mother had loved. At the new high school, three bullies were determined to make Matt miserable. And to top it off, Matt learned that the recluse who lived in the dilapidated Victorian mansion next door was none other than Old Lady Hawthorne, the town’s infamous witch and murderer. Matt’s terrible summer was turning into an awful autumn when something quite unexpected happened. Old Lady Hawthorne’s niece and her three children moved in next door, and Matt met Gerallt. Add to Goodreads Amazon * Apple * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords Halloween By the final week of October, the tall oaks lining Hawtho

Don't Write a Crappy Book by James M. Ranson Book Tour!

Book Details: Book Title: Don't Write a Crappy Book by James M. Ranson Category: Adult Non- Fiction, 210 pages Genre: Business, Authorpreneurship Publisher: Master Wordsmith Media, in association with Thanet House Books Release date: Oct 1, 2018 Tour dates: Oct 8 to 31, 2018 Content Rating: PG for occasional mild swearing (hell and damn, mostly, one instance of "shitty") Book Description: A great book can launch your business into the stratosphere. Unfortunately, most self-published business books rank somewhere between “meh” and “flaming pile of crap.” But your book doesn’t have to suck! In “Don’t Write a Crappy Book,” editor and entrepreneur James Ranson unpacks the most common–and toxic–mistakes that first-time nonfiction authors make. Peppered with wisdom from a panel of industry experts, this book debunks the dangerous myths that can torpedo your text and offers clear, practical guidance for writing a book you’re proud of. This is the resource

Welcome to the Release Day Celebration for The ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’ Squad (Hair in all the Wrong Places #3) by Andrew Buckley!

  Welcome to the Release Day Celebration for The ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’ Squad (Hair in all the Wrong Places #3) by Andrew Buckley presented by Month9Books! Be sure to enter the giveaway found at the end of the post!   HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, ANDREW!     A menacing shadow looms over Elkwood, as a dark and sinister evil creeps into town. Only Colin Strauss can feel it happening. He is a werewolf, after all. A routine Night Watch mission ends with Colin rescuing a mysterious girl from monster hunters, causing shock waves threatening to rock the town of Elkwood to its very foundations. Just when Colin thinks things can’t get any worse, he starts having girl problems. If anyone is up to the task, it’s Colin. In the past year, he’s faced an evil biology teacher, defeated a power-hungry wizard, and united a group of unlikely creatures and freaks to defend their home. Can Colin defeat the growing evil, evade ancient monster hunters, and not mess things up with

Fateful Justice by Sara Vinduska Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Reflections Fateful Justice Book 1 by Sara Vinduska Genre: Romantic Suspense It wasn't the first time Lash Brogan had aimed a gun at another man and pulled the trigger. It wasn't the first time he'd watched a man fall to the ground bleeding. As an actor, he'd done just that countless times. But this time it was not a scene from one of his movies. This time it was for real.  When Lash Brogan, an Irish immigrant and one of America's most popular movie stars, is kidnapped and held hostage in the mountains of Colorado, it will take all of his strength and determination as well as help from a beautiful stranger to help him escape. Justine McBride is a reclusive physical therapist trying to escape the painful memories of her family's death. After helping him recover, she falls hard for Lash without considering the ramifications of such a public relationship.  Reflections introduces you to a world where fate's not fair, but justice a

Fated Mates by Lilli Carlisle Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Tigress Fated Mates Book 1 by Lilli Carlisle Genre: Paranormal Romance Caged her whole life, Raz escapes only to find herself caught in a tender trap created by the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack. A TRIAD FAMILY If only Raz had kept running, she wouldn't have wound up on wolf pack lands putting herself in double danger. A three-hundred pound Bengal tiger shifter, Raz had been caged for as long as she can remember; tortured, beaten and used for sport. Finally, she's escaped, but the hunters are hot on her heels, and she's racing against time. When she heard the wolf pups' cries, Raz couldn't help herself; she went to their rescue even knowing that her trespass could mean her life. Now she's wedged between the Alpha and Beta of the North Woods pack, and they're insisting she's their True Mate. Goodreads * Amazon  The desperate cries of wolf pups echoed through the forest around Raz—terrified shi