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Pandora: Outbreak by Eric L Harry Book Tour and Giveaway :)

PANDORA: Outbreak by Eric L. Harry Genre: Science Fiction – pandemic  Pub Date: 1/23/2018 They call it Pandoravirus. It attacks the brain. Anyone infected may explode in uncontrollable rage. Blind to pain, empty of emotion, the infected hunt and are hunted. They attack without warning and without mercy. Their numbers spread unchecked. There is no known cure. Emma Miller studies diseases for a living—until she catches the virus. Now she’s the one being studied by the U.S. government and by her twin sister, neuroscientist Isabel Miller. Rival factions debate whether to treat the infected like rabid animals to be put down, or victims deserving compassion. As Isabel fights for her sister's life, the infected are massing for an epic battle of survival. And it looks like Emma is leading the way . . . Add to Goodreads Amazon * Apple * B&N * Google * Kobo Raised in a small town in Mississippi, Eric L. Harry graduated from the Marine Military Academy in Texas and studied Russian and Ec

Night Night, Sleep Tight A Horror Anthology Presented by Enchanted Anthologies

Night Night, Sleep Tight A Horror Anthology Presented by Enchanted Anthologies Warning - These stories are not for the faint-hearted. This anthology is intended for readers aged 18+.  'When you wake up randomly in the night, there's a good chance someone or something was watching you' A bump in the night wakes you, the jolt just as you're about to sleep could be something much more sinister than you thought, the sound outside your window is much more than a branch knocking in the wind, and no, you didn't imagine that shadow in the corner of your eye... Night Night, Sleep Tight explores the horrific things that happen at night, from sleep paralysis to monsters hiding under the bed. So, Night Night, Sleep Tight, and don't let them get you... Introduction by R. L. Weeks Under my Bed - Erin Lee Butcher's Wife - K. L. Roth Embers and Ashes - Mary Duke Villisca Unraveled by A. Maslo The Pendant by Lorah Jaiyn Goodreads * Amazon R L Weeks is the bestselling and awa

Valentine Countdown Blitz - 12 Days of Clean Romance Day 3 with Giveaway :)

Amey Zeigler wrote her first mystery with her best friend in fourth grade. She wrote, the friend illustrated. It also had a cute boy in it with spiky hair (because that was the style back then). Not much has changed. She loves mysteries. She loves romance. She loves suspense. She loves action, adventure and comedy. But she wants it to have a happy ending. Because she grew up moving all around the United States, Amey loves writing about different places. In her books, she explores the whole world. Growing up, Amey was always trying new things. She played violin, drums, flute, piano, all before she was sixteen. She also discovered she didn't have much talent for music. When people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she was afraid to tell them she wanted to be a writer because she didn't know how to write. She is so grateful for her Sophomore year Honor's English teacher who gave her a star and five points (out of five!) for Voice on her personal essay. Otherwis

Valentine Countdown Blitz - 12 Days of Clean Romance Day 2 with Giveaway!!!

Donna Hatch is the author of the best-selling “Rogue Hearts Series,” and a winner of writing awards such as The Golden Quill and the International Digital Award.  A hopeless romantic and adventurer at heart, she discovered her writing passion at the tender age of 8 and has been listening to those voices ever since. She has become a sought-after workshop presenter, and also juggles freelance editing, multiple volunteer positions, and most of all, her six children (seven, counting her husband).  A native of Arizona who recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, she and her husband of over twenty years are living proof that there really is a happily ever after. Connect with the Author here:  ~ Facebook ~ Website ~ Amazon ~ ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ When charming rake Tristan Barrett sweeps Lady Elizabeth off her feet, stealing both her heart and a kiss in a secluded garden, her brother challenges Tristan to a duel. The only way to save her brother and Tristan from harm—not to ment

As You Wish by Ja'Nese Dixon Book Tour and Giveaway!

As You Wish by Ja'Nese Dixon Genre: Contemporary Romance Is their simmering attraction enough to defeat their crusades? Damian “The Shark” Hughes real estate billionaire lands in Houston, Texas to handle a “problem tenant” stalling his partnership with Rockstar Entertainment. But on first sight he doesn’t know which he wants more, to evict her or bed her. Imani Scott is at the end of herself and her resources for keeping the doors of Harmony Dance open. What she doesn’t have time for is the sweet talking, money slinging gorgeousness from Atlanta. Her sole focus is on her students. They are depending on her and she’s not to go down without a fight. The blurred line between friend or foe… Imani organizes a Kwanzaa benefit recital to save her studio not knowing she’s sleeping with the enemy. And Damian is willing to do whatever it takes to close the deal and keep this ebony beauty by his side. At odds yet drawn to each other by their undeniable chemistry, the ticking clock and a multi