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Yuletide at Moonglow by Deborah Garner Blog Tour and Personal Review!

NEW RELEASE…  When a Yuletide festival promises jovial crowds, resident artist and chef, Mist, knows she’ll have her hands full, as will all of the regular townsfolk. Between Mist’s legendary Christmas Eve dinner at the Timberton Hotel and this season’s festival events, guests will be surrounded with opportunities for camaraderie and celebration. There’s a unique magic to Christmas in the small Montana town, one that offers joy, peace, and community to all who pass through. One thing is always certain: no one leaves Timberton without a renewed sense of hope for the future. *Recipes included! *Cookie recipes included! *Cookie and candy recipes included! The Moonglow Christmas Series… Each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the series.  Mistletoe at Moonglow, Book 1   Silver Bells at Moonglow, Book 2   Gingerbread at Moonglow, Book 3   Nutcracker Sweets at Moonglow, Book 4   Snowfall at Moonglow, Book 5 Available to buy from…     Nook    

Typo Squad by Stephen Lomer Tour and Giveaway!

Typo Squad   Typo Squad Book 1 by Stephen Lomer  Genre: Action, Adventure  Typos are lethal to 98% of the population. Be thankful Typo Squad is on patrol … Richard Shonnary was a Typo Squad legend. He had a gift for seeking out and destroying errorist cells, and was almost single handedly responsible for bringing about the end of errorism. But one night, a single errant bullet fired by his brother prematurely ended his career. Convinced to come out of self-imposed retirement after five years, Richard unknowingly gives rise to his greatest enemy — Anton Nym. Will he and his new partner be able to stop this latest threat before deadly typos are unleashed upon an unwitting world?  Goodreads * Amazon Return of the Wordmonger Typo Squad Book 2  The quest to find Anton Nym and his errorist army are put on hold as Typo Squad is called away to London to help one of their own confront a villain from his past — a mysterious foe known only as

The Heat Series by David Neth Tour and Giveaway!

Black Magnet   Heat Book 1  by David Neth  Genre: Superhero Action Adventure  The city is heating up... Ash doesn't know who he is or how he ended up in an old coal mine outside the city. Even more terrifying, he discovers that he can throw fire from the palms of his hands when he saves Rachel from being mugged. She's a researcher, who develops a curiosity for his powers. With the help of Rachel and her coworker, Perry, Ash tries to piece together what happened to him. They soon encounter another super they call the Gatekeeper, who knows Ash's history and holds a grudge against him for it that he expects Ash to pay for. But the Gatekeeper seems to be more powerful than Ash's own moniker: Heat. With the Gatekeeper's apprentice, Black Magnet, terrorizing the city, Heat will have to fight his way to uncover answers about his past. However, those answers won't set him free.   Goodreads * Amazon Book Trailer   https://

The Sound of Love by Kyle Shoop Tour and Giveaway!

The Sound of Love   Senses of Love Book 1  by Kyle Shoop  Genre: Contemporary Romance  "Words that can't be spoken can still be sung."  Experience the compelling, heart warming romance of Charlotte and John as they express thru music what can't be said in words.  Charlotte and John grew up as young orphans in the secluded outskirts of a rural town. Each day, they’d sneak out to the nearby forest to escape the cold grasp of the orphanage’s tyrant-ruler. However, the safety that came from their friendship was suddenly ripped apart when they got caught.  Years later, Charlotte conquered the marketing world in downtown Portland. Having gained normalcy in her life since her days in the orphanage, Charlotte never expected her world to be turned upside down by John abruptly being thrust back into her life.  But the years since the orphanage had not at all been kind to John, leaving him unable to open up to Charlotte about the details. Can

Handsome by Theresa Jacobs Tour and Giveaway!

Handsome   Detective Gagon Book 1  by Theresa Jacobs  Genre: Detective Thriller  Being handsome has its advantages and affords him easy access into people’s homes. They quickly learn you can not judge a book by its cover when they pay the ultimate price with their lives. He didn’t ask to look the way he does, nor to lose his loving mother at such a young age. Dealing with unwanted memories, he will find a way to erase his past by cleansing the city as he sees fit. Detective Marcy Gagon, finds at times her relationship with the lead coroner, Krista Jones, a harder case to crack than the one she’s trying to solve. She feels alone in the hunt for a man whom she believes is a serial killer. The Chief of Police refuses to entertain the possibility that Toronto has yet another serial killer until she can bring him solid proof. But when another couple are killed within 24 hours of the last, Marcy gets the push she needs, and new leads come pouring in. Fully engulfed in

The Dreya Love Series by Dana Lyons Tour and Giveaway!

Transformation   Dreya Love Book 1  by Dana Lyons  Genre: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance, Crime Thriller  Surviving attempted murder by genetic modification left FBI Special Agent Dreya Love with a new life. Now she just has to stay alive. Agent Dreya Love prefers to work alone. But when her friend, a senator’s daughter, is killed, she’s forced to partner with Detective Rhys Morgan, or get assigned to ‘the backside of hell.’ More deaths with bodies matching their first victim brings Interpol Agent Quinn Kingston to the team.  As their investigation uncovers a secret genetic research program, a government cover-up, and a warning to ‘walk away,’ the case turns deadly.  The hunt for a killer, a boutique drug, and an unearthly ingredient unite these three in ways they couldn’t imagine. Soon, they discover the truth leads to a hell they never knew existed. Goodreads * Amazon Blood and Fire   Dreya Love Book 2  On a black-ops space