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The Sand Prince
The Demon Door Book 1
by Kim Alexander
Genre: Epic Fantasy

Two worlds. Bound by magic. Divided by a door.

On the barren, war-ravaged demon world of Eriis, the fierce queen Hellne fights to keep her people alive and her son Rhuun's heritage a secret.

On the green and gentle human world of Mistra, demons have faded into myth. Only a handful of old men and fanatical children still guard The Door between the worlds.

Different and shunned by his demon kin, Rhuun finds refuge in a book that tells of a human world of water and wonder. Forced by his mother's enemies to flee Eriis, he finds himself trapped on the other side of The Door in the very place he has read and dreamed about—Mistra. 

Chained to the deadly whims of a child who guards The Door, Rhuun must balance serving and surviving, even at the risk of exposing his true identity. Riskiest of all is his task of kidnapping an infuriating young woman who is about to find out that the demons of Eriis are much, much more than just an old bedtime story.

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Here, Lelet and Prince Rhuun (she calls him Moth) have been on the run and sleeping in the open for about a week. Now that they’ve found an inn, he wants to hit the sheets at once. She’s all, Dude, let a girl have a bath! Lelet put Moth to work washing her hair. “No, it doesn’t get clean with just water, just use a little of the soap—the green one—that’s it.” She slapped his hand. “That is not my hair! Focus.” “Lelet,” he said, pouring clean water over her head, “There’s something wrong with your hair.” She looked up at him. “Is it falling out or something?” “No, it’s a different color where it’s growing. It’s changing color.” He had a horrible thought. “It’s not going to be pink again, is it?” She laughed. “I am the only one who liked the pink. No, it’s going to be dark, not as dark as yours, though. But I’ll probably make it white again when I have the chance. I don’t know anyone who has naturally white hair.” He marveled. “Humans. So many colors, and you use them all.” She stood up, water streaming from her hair and down her slender form, and reached for a fresh towel. “If you want a turn...” “Maybe another time. But I do need the tub when it’s empty.” The thought of sitting in a pot of water did not appeal, it was a little too much like making soup. As far as he was concerned, if there was water, it was going to be his river. Or maybe her ocean, if it really existed. He took a breath and said, “I want to change my form, and I don’t want to set anything else on fire or scorch the floorboards.” He busied himself drying her back. She looked over her shoulder at him. “Are you sure about that? You know I’ll be able to see you. I can close my eyes, I guess. If you don’t want me to watch.” He shrugged. “You keep telling me you like how I look. This is part of how I look. Just don’t come too close.” He wasn’t sure at all, but he wanted to give her something, and he had nothing else. She sat on the bed with her knees tucked under her, and as he stepped into the empty copper tub her eyes never left his face. He took a deep breath. She nodded. He wanted to close his eyes or look away, but she didn’t, so he didn’t either. It only took to the count of ten, and he was himself again. A scattering of ash lay at the bottom of the tub. Since she hadn’t leapt to her feet or run for the door, he lay down beside her. Instead of the disgust he was used to feeling upon showing his true face, right now he felt only calm. “I have to tell you,” she said, “I was expecting something...else. I didn’t really see you, that other time. It was dark and I was so tired. But now? You looked sort of like a statue of yourself, made out of ash and smoke. You looked soft. I wanted to touch you. It wasn’t ugly, although if I didn’t understand what you were doing I might have been afraid. But ugly? No.” She watched his face. “Do you believe me?” “You don’t have to keep asking me that. I believe you.” And, he realized, he nearly did.

The Heron Prince
The Demon Door Book 2

The Demon Door can be opened...but the price is deadly.

Prince Rhuun has found acceptance among the humans on Mistra, something he could never have in the demon realm of Eriis, not even as heir to its throne. What's more, he has even found love with the prickly, passionate heiress, Lelet va'Everly.

The idyll can't last. The prince has enemies who are after more than his throne. They are out for his blood…which holds the key to unsealing The Door between the two worlds, and the demons want in. When Rhuun is lured into a trap on Eriis, Lelet has no choice but to turn to a motley group of exiles, children, and madmen to help save him.

Lelet soon discovers that, like all things, rescuing the prince comes with a price. The secrets in Rhuun's blood may be worth killing for, but are they worth dying for?

The Glass Girl
The Demon Door Book 3

Love opens all doors…but betrayal locks them forever.

Newly blessed (or cursed) with wings and fire, Prince Rhuun of the demon realm of Eriis sees hope for his life on the human world of Mistra with his fierce human lover, Lelet va'Everley. She literally went to hell and back to save him, and she's not about to let anything—or anyone—ruin their perfect future.

All too soon, the claims of family, duty, and justice force Rhuun and Lelet to confront new griefs and old mistakes as they attempt to restore balance to the throne of Eriis. But, with every jealous rumor and each vengeful whisper, friends turn, family schemes, and forgotten enemies creep from the shadows.

Treachery in Eriis and betrayal in Mistra jeopardize what Rhuun and Lelet have fought so hard to build, threatening to tear apart the two lovers, their families, and even their worlds.

Kim Alexander grew up in the wilds of Long Island, NY and slowly drifted south until she reached Key West. After spending ten rum-soaked years as a DJ in the Keys, she moved to Washington DC, where she lives with two cats, an angry fish, and her extremely patient husband who tells her she needs to write at least ten more books if she intends to retire in Thailand, so thank you for your patronage.

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