Don't Mess With This Witch by Liz Lorow Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Don't Mess With This Witch 
by Liz Lorow 
Genre: YA Fantasy 

Genevieve Howe is a 16 year-old witch incarcerated in a magical juvenile detention center. She’s not a bad kid, she’s just a really lousy witch. Sometimes her random thoughts unintentionally turn into actual spells, causing all kinds of trouble. 

Now the administration needs Genevieve’s help to find a student/inmate who escaped. Why her? Because there’s something ‘wrong’ with Genevieve, and she seems to be able to do what others can’t. 

If she can find Logan, will she turn him in, join him on the run, or find some other way to help without violating the code of honor among magical misfits? 

A comedic fantasy romp about incarcerated teen witches, the one that got away, and the one sent to find him. 

Elisabeth grew up in Massachusetts and spent most of her life in the Boston area. She went to art school and nursing school, then eventually after taking a few more courses convinced the University of New Hampshire to give her a degree in behavioral science. As a psych nurse for several years, she believes in the healing powers of laughter and love. 

She recently made her longtime dream come true, living in Coastal Florida with her amazing superhero husband and their two lovable cats. If you haven’t heard from her for a while, she’s probably sitting on her balcony, mesmerized by the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. 

Well, this is awkward… Trying to launch a new book and a totally new pen name right now might be ludicrous, but I promised a March 31st release, and a March 31st release you shall have!
It’s true that a lot of publishers and authors will be offering freebies during this time of pandemic and isolation. Ebook readers can load up their devices with hundreds or thousands of free books, knowing they’ll never get to read most of them. I stopped doing that long ago. Now I only download books I really want to read—free or paid. Indie authors are also small businesses.
I would like to offer you a suggestion to help everyone. GoBo. It stands for “get one/buy one,” and it’s what I’ve been doing for years now. If I download a free ebook, I buy another ebook I really want. It doesn’t have to be by the same author. A lot of folks try a freebie to see if they like the author’s style. That’s fine. But don’t wait until you read that book to buy the other one. Every sale helps an author keep writing. Some very talented people I know had to quit writing and get day jobs because all the freebies put them out of business. And now some of them are losing those jobs too! So, support your favorite authors! Please.
I’m sorry if I sound preachy. I usually try to avoid that like the…plague? Sorry about that cliché.
Anyway, here is the ‘sell sheet’ your local librarians and bookstores might see. [Insert sell sheet]

$10 Amazon gift cards – 4 winners 

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