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About the Book

catching the nor'wester
They both have made sacrifices to gain their independence and will make more if it meant they could keep it.
Orphaned Calliope Graydon turned down the chance to have a life of luxury and lost the only home she ever knew because of that choice. Years later, she struggles to survive in the inland territories that is particularly harsh toward an unmarried woman. When a local Nor’wester steals her heart, she must decide if her independence is worthy the pain of a broken heart.
Etienne Marcks enjoys his life on the river despite its hardships. With his contract with the North West Company almost fulfilled, he needs to decide what he is going to do next. The last thing he need is to be a protector to a fiery woman who is more of a distraction than helpful to the brigade. She is making his live more difficult as she challenges what he thought he wanted in life.
They must find common ground as they race to get back home before the harsh winter leaves them stranded on the frozen river.
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About the Author

Growing up in Northwestern Minnesota, Emily spent the long winter days dreaming and creating stories. She loves the mild summers and cold, wind swept state so much that she incorporates the landscape and small towns into her stories. A life-long book dragon, Emily is fulfilling her dream by writing novels.


Snippet #1:
The smoke swirled up from the campfire, thick, white and smelt like burnt coffee. The smoke switched direction and came down and blew in her face until her eyes started to burn with hot tears. Standing from her spot, she moved to the other side of the fire and sat back down on the frozen ground. No sooner had she sat back down the smoke swirled around and into her face again.
“You do know that smoke follows beauty,” her friend told her.
“Apparently,” Calliope quickly replied as she tried to wave the smoke away from. Not wanting to move again, she fanned the smoke out of her face.

Snippet #2:
Etienne glanced around the camp, the icy air burned his lungs as he yelled out to the group that they were heading out as soon as they could get loaded up.
He waved Chauncy to go ahead and leave with the first canoe. Each canoe followed as they got ready.
“Where’s Miss Graydon?” Rias asked as they finished packing the last two canoes.
“I’m right here,” Etienne heard her said behind him.
Turning, he offered his hand to help her into the canoe. She casted him an irritated glare before walking right past him and straight to the other canoe that Rias was standing near.
Rias casted him a curious look before helping her in his canoe.
“Alright, that’s everyone,” Etienne said, waiting for their canoe to start down the river.
He grabbed his paddle off the shore and climbed into his canoe. A quick nod to the others then they were off.


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