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Next to Never
Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book 1
by A.L. Long
Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense

Rade Matheson is a young successful businessman with over a billion dollars in assets. His only objective is to find the man who embezzled millions from one of his companies. What he finds is the innocence of the only woman who can lead him to his stolen money and the man responsible. The only problem is he can't get enough of her. One wrong decision could cause him to lose her forever.
All Dylan Adams wanted was to get her life back on track. After the death of her fiancé she knew she needed to move on. She opens her heart to Rade Matheson only to find she's falling for a man who betrays her trust. Will her endless desire haunt her forever or will her weakness take over?

Slowly, he placed his hands to the hem of her t-shirt, giving it a light tug as he carefully pulled it over her head. He would never get enough of this beautiful woman beneath him. Placing tender kisses on her neck, in one movement, he expertly unhooked the front clasp of her lacy pink bra. His need to taste her grew. Moving lower down her body, he placed his mouth on one breast while his hand caressed the other. She tasted so good. Sweet with a hint of salty. Her nipple began to harden as he gently sucked and teased it with his tongue. Soft moans resonated like a concerto as he continued his assault on her breasts. Moving to the other breast, he began to lick and kiss, causing her nipple to peak. Both of her nipples were sensitized as she moved to his touch. With every kiss, nip, suck, she could feel the wetness between her legs surge. Rade loved the way her body reacted to his simple touch. 

The more her desire began to swell, the tighter her hands gripped the silk sheets. Rade continued to worship her body. He knew she was his. “God, baby, you feel so good.” He needed more. He wanted all of her. Heart, Body, and Soul. Slowly moving his hand towards the button on her jeans, with no hesitation, he unbuttoned her jeans, one, two, three buttons, until he could pull them away. He felt her uneasiness. In a hushed tone, he confessed his desire. “It's okay, baby, I won’t hurt you. Let me make you feel good.” When he felt her relax, he once again lowered his hand to her waist while kissing her lips tenderly. He slowly slid his hand inside the waistband of her panties. He needed to get better access to her sex.

Moving his lips from hers, he softly whispered in her ear. “Lift your hips for me, Sweetness.”  Consumed by her need, Dylan lifted her hips for him. Lowering her jeans and panties in one sweep, Rade took in the silkiness of her body. He needed to have her more than ever.

As she lay beneath him, fully exposed, Rade asked her. “Are you okay, Sweetness? I don’t think I can stop if I go any further.”

With a soft tone she said, “I want you, Rade, please don’t stop.”

With those simple words, Rade took her in. He devoured her. Kissing the nape of her neck, her perfect breasts, the center of her abdomen, he consumed every part of her perfectly gorgeous body. His left hand gently cupped her right breast while his right hand moved between her folds. The heat radiated like a volcano ready to erupt.

I can feel your want for me, Sweetness. You’re so wet for me,” Rade declared.

As he began twisting her nipple between his fingers, he slid one finger inside her. She was so tight and wet. It took all his power not to slip his hard cock inside her. He wanted to savor every minute with her. He had to taste her. Kneeling before her, he took her legs and lifted them over his shoulders. With her ready to be feasted upon, he slowly moved his mouth to the top of her mound, kissing and licking until he found her clit. Dylan’s hips began moving to the rhythm of his movements. Slipping a finger in, he could feel her clamp down. Adding another, he could feel his own pulsation growing as her tight walls consumed him. He didn’t want to hurt her. “Baby you’re so tight.” Soft moans of hunger escaped her sweet lips, making him want her more. “You taste so good, Sweetness. I could eat you for every meal.” Licking and sucking her clit, he could feel the pulsation of her pussy as it began tightening more around his fingers. “Let go, baby. I want you to come.”

At his command, Dylan screamed as she exploded with the most amazing orgasm she ever had. Feeling her quivering body relax, Rade lowered her legs as he pulled from her body. Dusting light kisses on her until he met her lips, her body slowly melted into his. With her juices on his lips, he drove his tongue in her mouth, kissing her without mercy, giving her a sample of her own nectar.

Next to Always
Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book 2

Sexy and Sizzling HOT!!! It will leave you begging for more...
Rade and Dylan’s story continues in Book Two of The Shattered innocence Trilogy.

Rade Matheson thought he had everything he needed, Money, Power, and a woman who was willing to submit to him. That was until one night at The Castle changed everything. Losing the only woman who could bring him to his knees was never a possibility for him. Given a second chance, he’s more determined than ever to find the man responsible for taking the one thing he cared about. He ends up finding more than he bargained for. Turns out Michael Stewart wasn’t his only threat. Lust and obsession have a way of revealing themselves when hatred takes a front seat in a deadly game of revenge that Rade isn’t willing to lose. One by one Rade’s secrets begin to unfold, threatening the one chance he has to make Dylan his forever. 

Dylan Adams ran away from the only man she could ever trust, but when tragedy strikes, Rade is there right beside her. Willing to give him another chance, Dylan confesses her love for him. Everything is perfect, she couldn’t ask for anything more, until her world falls apart. She knew he had secrets, but the one secret she didn’t expect, is the one secret that could tear them apart.

As Rade watched the enormous room fill, he fixated his eyes on every woman with auburn colored hair as they entered the room. He was filled with disappointment as the face of each woman revealed someone other than Dylan.“Could he have missed her entering the room?” he thought to himself. After all, there were so many people. Rade took his focus off of the large wooden doors and began scanning the room. Looking towards the table designated for BlackStone Industries, he could see two gentlemen had already arrived. As they turned their heads he recognized Keeve Black and Mason Stone. He debated on walking over to their table and saying “Hello” when she caught his eye. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Every male in the room was glancing in her direction. It was like everything stood still in time.

Rade watched Dylan as she moved across the room with such grace, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. The dress she wore further accentuated her beauty. Her ivory skin was translucent against the black of her gown. Every curve of her body was displayed so elegantly, she took his breath away. There was no one else that he saw in the room. Only she was in his sights.

 The closer Dylan got to Rade the harder it was to pull away from her beauty. He didnt want to make himself known until the moment was perfect. Turning on his heels, he headed to the other end of the ballroom. It was difficult for Rade to get out of her line of vision as he was continually greeted by guests congratulating him on the wonderful turnout. When he finally made it far enough away, Gwen took the podium.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please,” she said as she waited for the chatter to die down. Once it was quiet, she continued. “As you all know, the Broken Heart Foundation has touched many lives throughout the years. The foundation has brought so much hope and love to so many families with children facing heart disease. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the undying efforts and perseverance of a man whose passion for this cause has helped so many. It is a great honor to introduce to you Rade Matheson.”

Rade ignored the standing ovation and the loud roar of hands being put together. His attention was on Dylan as she stood in disbelief. He knew his appearance would have an effect on her. What he didn’t expect was to see her nearly lose her footing. He also didn’t like the fact the Mason Stone had his arm around her.

Thank you, Gwen, for that too-kind introduction. Thank you all for joining me this evening.” Rade removed a folded sheet of paper from his inside coat pocket and began reading what he wrote. “When I was six years old, my mother gave birth to the most amazing being I could ever know. I knew on that day that I would protect my little brother until the day I died. After all, I was his big brother,” Rade chuckled slightly. “I remember him always being so sick. It wasn’t until I was twelve that I found out he had a rare heart disease. I didn’t understand what that meant, but I remember telling my parents that I would give him mine,” Rade choked as he continued his speech. “Four years later my little brother died. He beat the odds and I got to share ten years with him. I will never forget that little boy who has made me what I am today. This is for you, little brother,” Rade said as he picked up his champagne and held it up. “This is for Isaac Matheson and all the children like him.”

Rade could hear the applause as he descended the podium. His eyes were fixed on Dylan as he watched her leave the room. He tried to make his way through the crowd, but was stopped by men wanting to shake his hand and women who wanted a quick embrace. Rade lost sight of Dylan as she exited the tall wooden doors. Finally, he was able to get through the swarm of people and to the exit. Not knowing which way she went, he took a guess and head toward the restrooms. Just as he was ready to give up and turn around, he saw her standing on the veranda outside the glass doors. Taking a deep breath, he slowly opened the door and took his place beside her.

Beautiful night, isn’t it?” Rade said as looked over to her.

I need to go,” Dylan said as she pushed from the railing.

Wait, please,” Rade pleaded as he gently grabbed her arm.

There’s nothing to say, Rade. I read your letter and I forgive you. I just can’t be with you.”

Just as she was ready to pull away, her phone began to vibrate in her small black clutch. She didn’t recognize the number. With hesitation, she answered, “Hello… Yes, this is Dylan Adams.”

There was a small pause before Dylan dropped her phone and looked straight at Rade. Unable to stand, Dylan slowly began sinking to the ground. Rade had his arms around her in an instant.

Next to Forever
Shattered Innocence Trilogy Book 3

Rade never thought that the one woman whom he despises would be carrying his child. Trying to prove that he was taken against his will, Rade finds that Dylan holds the only key to everything. The problem is, he can't allow her to relive that one horrible night. Against his better judgment, he takes her back to the castle. Everything is perfect until their night of ecstasy turns into a night of torment. Rade's world begins to crumble as he tries to find the one man who takes the one woman he has ever loved-forever. Accepting the news of a child is one thing, but what Dylan soon finds is more than she bargained for.
What started as a night of pleasure ends badly when Dylan learns the truth from a man she thought she would never see again. Betrayed, Dylan is torn between leaving the only man she has ever truly loved or following her heart and risk being hurt by the secrets that could destroy her happiness. Will her love for Rade prevail, or will it be lost forever?

Pulling her onto his lap, Rade deepened the kiss as he ran his fingers through her thick red locks. He couldn’t wait until the day when she was officially his. Unable to resist her, he tugged at the hem of her blouse, freeing it from her skirt. Shifting her body slightly, he began maneuvering his hand up the inside of her shirt to her abdomen until he reached her glorious mounds. Releasing her breasts from the lacy cup of her bra, he began caressing the taut peak. Aware that Richard was in the driver’s seat, Rade shielded his movements so that Richard was none the wiser as to what was taking place in the back seat.

Sending Dylan into flight, Rade pinched the hard bud. Dylan’s soft whimper said it all. Lowering his head, Rade whispered softly, “You need to be quiet, Sweetness; otherwise Richard will know what’s going on.”

Trying to tame her desire, Dylan placed her hand over her mouth. It wasn’t until Rade slipped his free hand beneath her skirt that she lost it. She knew that if he continued to rub her clit, she would be coming like a roar of thunder. “Rade, I can’t hold back,” Dylan moaned as quietly as she could.

Placing his mouth over hers, Rade muffled the scream that was going to escape Dylan’s mouth. Unable to hold back any longer, Dylan broke free and yelled, “Oh God!”
Is everything okay back there?” Richard said, concerned.

Looking at each other, Dylan began to giggle as Rade said, “Everything is perfect.”

Rade worked to get Dylan’s clothing adjusted while she tried to compose herself. This was the first time she had made out in the back seat of a car knowing that someone else could hear what was going on. She never thought she would ever be that adventurous, but being with Rade, anything was possible.

Arriving at the penthouse with no other incidents, Rade and Dylan exited the SUV. It wasn’t until they reached the elevator that they continued where they left off. Rade had Dylan’s body up against the wall the minute the elevator door shut. Wrangling her hands through his hair, Dylan used what little strength she had left to pull Rade to her. They were all over each other as the car rose. Rade’s lips were on hers, thrusting his tongue between her swollen lips. When Dylan parted for him, he mingled his tongue with hers like there was no tomorrow. Grabbing her ass, he lifted her from the floor and guided his hand beneath her skirt. With one pull of her panties between his fingers, he had the delicate material completely off. Holding her body to the wall, Rade began unbuckling his belt with his free hand. When his cock was free from the barrier of his pants, he positioned it between Dylan’s slick folds and entered her channel with no mercy. She was so wet and ready for him that going slow wasn’t an option for him. He needed to be hard and rough with her. It was something that he had craved for a long time.

I won’t be able to go slow, Sweetness,” Rade groaned.

Take me however you need,” Dylan panted.
Award winning Author of the Independent Press Award and NYC Big Book Award. A.L. Long is also the recipient of the National Indie Excellence Award.

My love for writing began several years ago after an early retirement from a demanding job that I loved, but also hated because it consumed so much of my time. Now, I am able to focus my time on what I love. Writing romance has been a life long dream and to actually say that I am a published author is beyond what I would have ever expected.

Even though some may say I have a little naughtiness in my books, I look at it as an added bonus for my readers. After all what is a romance book without a little spice.

When I am not writing, I enjoy spending time with friends either at home or out on the town. Mostly, I enjoy a relaxing night at home where I can enjoy a glass of wine in the company of a good book.

When did you consider yourself as a Writer?

Becoming a writer was something I never imaged doing. When I was younger, my mother told me what a great imagination I had and that one day I would utilize that imagination and great thing would happen. At first, I thought she was being the loving mother she was only giving me encouragement. “You can do or be anything you want,” she used to say. I took her advice and went to college, only it wasn’t writing I studied. Instead, I ended up getting a great job working for a very prominent bank. It was only after I had, through hard work, retired early. Needing something to fill my time and finding out that I loved reading, I put that imagination that my mom loved so much to good use and began writing. I wasn’t sure what I would write, but knew that everyone loves romance. I have been writing for five years and have enjoyed nothing so much in my adult life. Having written 15 books and being honored with several awards made every word I put on paper that more enjoyable knowing there were readers out there that liked my work. At first it was more of a hobby for me, but winning those awards made me aware that I was a true writer. 
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