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Aegis Rising
The Aegis League Series Book 1
by S.S. Segran
Genre: Action-Adventure Sci-Fantasy thriller

Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

We had our chance. Our days are now numbered.
Lifelong friends Jag, Tegan, Aari, Mariah and Kody are cast into an adventure of epic proportions when their small plane crashes in the remote forests of northern Canada. They are rescued by a secretive tribe in a hidden valley who possess astonishing abilities — and a terrifying divination. 
The group soon learns that not everyone in the peaceful village means them well. But the worst is yet to come when they discover a larger, more sinister force at work outside the valley. And it intends to remake the world in its image.
Shocked to learn that the fate of humanity now rests on their shoulders, the teenagers struggle to accept their new roles. Armed with powers entrusted to them by an ancient prophecy and the resilience of their friendship, can the group survive the onslaught of a ruthless enemy and put an end to its cataclysmic scheme?
If you like epic adventure stories with endearing characters in an immersive world then you will love the Aegis League series!

Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

 "Astonishingly imaginative and thoughtful…” ~Samuel F. Pickering, inspiration for Academy Award-winning movie Dead Poets Society~

Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!

(Prologue – 500 B.C.)

Sprinting like a madman, he soon reached his house. Smoke and flames shot out from the roof as he barged through the main door. Fumes and ashes began to choke his lungs. He coughed as he called out to his family.

No answer.

Terrified, Mokun tore through his abode. His eyes teared up so terribly from the smoke that he could hardly see where he was going as the unbearable heat weighed down on him. His heart pounded as he struggled to breathe. He couldn’t find his family anywhere. Then a thought struck him: the cellar! They may have panicked and sought safety below ground.

He ripped off the hem of his tunic and tied it around his nose and mouth. The smoke was so thick he was forced to feel rather than see his way to the cellar. He found the door to the cellar opened and tripped over the steps in his haste, falling to the ground. He pulled himself up and called out again to his loved ones. He got no response and stepped forward. His foot bumped against something and he jumped back.

With growing dread, he knelt down in the darkness, squinting to make out three huddled shapes. He froze in horror, oblivious to the danger around him. His five-year-old daughters were huddled against their mother, and his wife had her arms wrapped around the twins. They didn’t move.

Aegis Incursion
The Aegis League Series Book 2

Aegis League is a multi-award winning series about friendship, courage and a quest to save humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

The first wave strikes. The assault on humanity begins.
A mysterious plague destroys crops and leaves swaths of farmland around the world in ruins. Panic and riots break out. Famine and rebellion push nations to the brink of war.
With the memories of their fateful summer suspiciously erased, straining their relationships, Jag, Tegan, Kody, Aari and Mariah must regain what’s lost to battle the forces of darkness advancing across the lands.
Finding themselves hunted by operatives from a clandestine organization at every turn, can the group outmaneuver their pursuers and stop the world from descending into chaos?
If you like epic adventure stories with endearing characters in an immersive world, then you will love the Aegis League series!

Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

 "If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran. With the intensity of an adult spy thriller and the relatable characters that teenagers enjoy, Aegis Incursion takes YA Action, Adventure, and Fantasy to a new level." ~ The ~

Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!

… Jag Sanchez bolted upright in his bed, gasping for air. As he caught his breath, he stared at the wall ahead, not realizing he was sweating but very aware that every part of him was trembling. He ran a hand over his face and shut his eyes tightly.

That voice. That voice had been haunting his dreams for the last nine months, since . . .

He looked at his phone beside his bed and yelped when he saw the time. Late for school, again. He leapt out of bed and stumbled around his room as he got ready then grabbed his bag and flew down the stairs toward the front door, not bothering to stop for breakfast. How was it that he lived only five minutes from the high school but was constantly late, even when he put his alarm on?

Aegis Evolution
The Aegis Series Book 3

For fans of Maze Runner, Hunger Games and Percy Jackson comes an award-winning story of friendship, courage and a battle for humanity. MOVIE RIGHTS OPTIONED.

The second wave is unleashed. The world is forced to its knees.
Two strains of a devastating pathogen infect population centers around the globe. From mega-cities to remote villages, the descent into chaos is swift as the disease spreads like wildfire.
When Jag is injured from an accident, Tegan reluctantly assumes leadership of the group as they are tasked with their most challenging mission yet by the Elders of Dema-Ki.
But things take a turn for the worse when one of them becomes infected and hovers on the brink of death. The friends throw caution to the wind and risk everything in their quest for a cure… one which, for reasons unknown, has remained concealed for over two thousand years.
Can Tegan and the League discover the remedy before a relentless enemy locates and destroys it, sending millions of lives to their end?
If you like gripping action-adventure stories in an immersive world, then you will love the Aegis League series!

Worlds Collide. Heroes Arise.

 "Following the tradition of the prior two books, readers are treated to chapter after chapter of fascinating characters, exciting action and apocalyptic consequences." ~~ The US Review of Books ~

Over 125,000 copies sold/downloaded & 1.8 million page-reads in Kindle Unlimited!

Atsor!” a voice thundered.
Aari felt his blood run cold. Slowly, he and Mariah turned around to face a powerful beam of light. They raised their hands to shield their eyes, both moving instinctively to block the boulder behind them.
If he sees the ropes, we’re in trouble, Aari thought.
The guard lowered the flashlight; Aari could only see a silhouette as his eyes tried to adjust to the sudden shift in brightness.
Atah medaber ivrit?the man asked.
Ivrit . . . that means Hebrew. He’s asking if we speak Hebrew. Aari shuffled through the few words he knew in the language. “Loh, loh ivrit. Anglit. We speak English.”
The guard became disgruntled upon hearing that. In stilted English, he asked, “What you doing here?”
Aari swallowed. “Uh . . .”
Mariah suddenly rounded on him. “I told you!” she screeched. “I told you we shouldn’t have come up here!”
Aari nearly tripped over himself in his surprise. “What—”
No! Don’t even try! I told you, there’s no need for something overly romantic! A simple day trip to the Dead Sea’s a good enough date! But do you ever listen to me?”
It took a moment for Aari to catch on and when he did, it took everything he had to keep a straight face. “I was trying to do something nice for you!” he yelled back. He noticed that she’d slipped her hand to her back pocket where the radio was, just out of the guard’s view. “But you always have to go and make a big fuss about it, don’t you?”
A fuss? Look at where your harebrained idea just landed us. Thanks so much! What a fan-freakin’-tastic night! I’d rank this as the worst date of all time!”
Hey, hey!” the guard boomed. “Calm down!”
Mariah stormed past the guard, taking his attention with her. Aari quickly faced the boulder and deflected the light, rendering it and the ropes invisible. He backed up so he and Mariah stood together, forcing the guard to turn toward them, away from the big rock. From the corner of his eye, he saw that the white-haired man sported a gray shirt and black pants with a holster on his hip.
Definitely a park guard, he concluded. Old guy, but he sure doesn’t move like one.
My mother warned me about you,” Mariah hissed.
Aari stifled an eye-roll. Of course, pick the most clichéd of clichés.
What you doing here?” the guard demanded again. “Hours closed!”
This . . . this complete idiot thought that staying here after hours would be romantic,” Mariah snapped. “I told him no, we really shouldn’t, but he kept insisting. I am so, so sorry!”
Show ID.” The guard, though gruff, was obviously thrown off by the quarreling.
Aari, needing to keep the boulder in his line of sight to hide it, reached into his pocket and pulled out his passport, as did Mariah. The guard took the documents, then stopped. Aari could feel the man’s eyes on him.
Probably wondering why I keep looking past him, he thought.
The guard whirled around. “What you looking?”
What you—” The man halted. He peered straight in the direction of the boulder. In his peripheral view, Aari could see the guard’s mounting perplexity, as if something was missing.
Nothing, sir,” Aari said. “I just don’t want to look at her, because she’s so bloody ungrateful when all I did was try to be more romantic like she wants me to!”
Don’t you dare!” Mariah screamed. “I am so done with you!”
Yeah? Well I’m done with you!
Quiet!” the guard bellowed. “My God!”
Aari’s heart raced as he watched the man go through their passports, alternating his flashlight beam between the documents and their faces. Then he slipped the passports into his shirt pocket and motioned for the teenagers to walk ahead of him, back to the north side of the mesa.
Are we in trouble?” Mariah asked. “Please, it was an honest mistake! I’ll never date another moron!”
I send you down. Other guard will get you. Walk, please.”
Aari fell in step with Mariah, feeling very conscious of the guard behind them. Oh no, oh no, no, no. What are we gonna do? Where are they gonna take us?
What’s that?” the guard asked harshly. “Madam, back pocket. Is that radio?”
Every ounce of color drained from Aari’s face.
Is that radio?” the guard repeated.
Mariah cleared her throat. “Yes. But it’s not on.” She pulled it out, and as she did, Aari caught sight of her thumb on the dial, discreetly turning the radio off. “See?”
Where other one?”
Aari whipped around furiously. “She chucked it over the side of the mountain! She threw it away in one of her stupid fits!”
Mariah kicked dirt at him. “Don’t make me look insane!”
I don’t have to! You’re doing a damn fine job on your own!”

Enough!” the guard shouted, glaring at them both. “Okay, that’s it. You go down. Now. And you will not come here again.”

Amazon Bestselling author S.S. Segran is a lover of books, dogs and all the popcorn she can stuff her face with. Her genre-defying Aegis League Series traverses the exciting worlds of action/adventure, sci-fi, thriller and speculative fiction in the YA universe. Even as she delves into her creative endeavors, she intends to support youths in developing countries realize their potential through her non-profit organization,

When not devouring a novel or writing one, Segran can be found drawing on paper and tablet, or tumbling into a black hole of comic books and video games. She's an ardent fan of horseback riding and parkour, and having enjoyed jumping out of a perfectly fine plane at fifteen thousand feet -- perhaps skydiving.

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