A Secret to Kill For by T.N. Lowe Book Tour and Giveaway :)

A Secret To Kill For
Secret and Lies Book 1
by T.N. Lowe
Genre: Suspense

Secrets can ruin lives, break bonds, and destroy families.

Some secrets are so important they are worth killing for.
Erin had everything she ever wanted, her dream job as a FBI agent like her father and grandfather, assisting the lead agent in a head line catching serial murder case, and a boyfriend who loves her.
Until she lost everything. The boyfriend, the journalist who she thought loves her, lied on a story causing Erin to lose everything she worked for.
After rebuilding her life in a quaint mountain town in Colorado, Erin learns her family has a dark secret she was never supposed to learn.
The Messenger?
The serial murderer she was hunting. 

As I walk into the station the next morning, Roy meets me at the reception desk, “Don’t bother to sit down, there’s been a murder.” What happened?” I ask, following him to the cruiser. Not sure. Some hiker stumbled onto a woman in the forest.  It looked like she was tied to a tree and cut up pretty bad. The Rangers have cleared the area and are waiting for us,” Roy explains. “I’ve been the Chief for almost twenty years; there’s never been a murder in Moose Valley.” It can’t be, that’s all I can think as Roy and I drive to the scene. There is no way it could be the D.C. Carver. But the scene sounds like him; the women tied to a tree, being cut up, no evidence left at the scene. It sounds similar, that’s all I can think as Roy parks the car, and we walk to where the woman is covered by a white sheet. Roy lifts the sheet to see the woman underneath, and gasps, “My God. Have you ever seen anything like this before?” Studying the words and symbols carved into the body, I look Roy straight in the eye and say, “Call the FBI, it’s the D.C. Carver.”

Growing up in a military family, TN Lowe grew up traveling the world. Living in the Netherlands, Italy, Missouri, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas. Currently she resides in Texas with her husband of twelve years and two dogs.
Honestly, she never thought of becoming an author. After high school, she went to a trade school and obtained an Associate's Degree of Applied Science as an x-ray tech and medical assistant. After working a variety of different jobs, she accepted a position as a medical assistant at a hospital in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  After a couple of years she became a desk clerk in the hospital. Wanting to do more, she went back to school and obtained her Bachelor's degree in psychology. 
When she is not writing, TN Lowe enjoys visiting her family, traveling, cooking, music and reading. She is also a huge movie buff loving all genres, but comedies and action adventure are her favorites. TN Lowe also has a love for classic muscle cars obtained by working on vehicles with her father while growing up.
 TN Lowe released her first book, Saving Ginny in February 2018.

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