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Dragons and Healers
Enukara Series Book 1
by Nina R. Schluntz
Genre: M/M Fantasy Romance

A simple act of kindness from a human toward a dragon triggered the Enukara–giving the human the ability to heal the wounds of others. The dragon bonded to him was granted immortality. The price for this gift was simple. The dragon’s life was bound to the human.

The greed of dragons and humans was underestimated. For if an Enukara’s life was taken by another, they would inherit the immortality blessed to the dragon. Both human and dragon could steal this gift. The slaughter of all Enukaras quickly ensued, until one dragon killed his own Enukara.

The power he inherited was unfathomable. He hunted and killed every immortal who had slain an Enukara. A new Enukara emerges who challenges the mindset of the immortal dragon and the Enukara hopes to alter the fate of humanity, by showing the dragon how to love once again.

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Jonas appeared, placing himself squarely in Zackariah’s path. May I have a word?” He’d managed to avoid him the entire day, but he’d known this was likely to  happen once he’d come downstairs. Iliandra glared at Jonas, but he seemed immune to her. Speak,” Zackariah said, unsure of the response Jonas wanted. Privately,” Jonas said. He held up a hand to stop Iliandra from whatever objection she might have. “I know what I said before, but I’d like a moment to clear the air.” What the hell had he said before? Iliandra growled, but kept her anger directed at Jonas, not glancing up once at Zackariah. Do whatever,” Iliandra said. Zackariah watched her stomp off then he backed into the room and gestured for Jonas to enter. He wondered if he should ask the other Enukaras if they wanted a word with him as well, so the favoritism wouldn’t be as apparent. Jonas shut the door and cleared his throat. Thank you,” Jonas said. Do you have another string of confessions to make?” Zackariah asked, wondering what the man could possibly want to say to him after yesterday’s profession of infatuation. An apology,” Jonas said. “I wanted to apologize if my comments from yesterday made you uncomfortable. I noticed you’ve been avoiding me and I don’t want you to think—I just.” He grew pale and blinked quickly. He seemed to have forgotten whatever it was he had wanted to say. He decided to throw the man a bone. Yes,” Zackariah said. Jonas’ health didn’t improve, but he managed a quick, “Yes to?” Yes, to dragons kissing,” Zackariah said. He shook his head, unable to believe he was actually having this conversation. Don’t worry Chrissy, I’ll give your son the birds and bees talk about how dragons do it. We do. Not in dragon form, for obvious reasons, and maybe we don’t do it as much as humans, but we do…kiss.” I’ve sort of moved past that question,” Jonas said. Zackariah crossed his arms and stood straighter. “Really? So you don’t want to know if I want to kiss you?” I-I never asked you that.” Do you want to?” Do you want to kiss me?” Jonas asked. Yes.” The two of them sounded more like they were discussing the weather than their sexual desires, and Jonas looked about to faint. Zackariah eyed the door, steeling himself for another quick escape. Let the kid chew on this factoid overnight, and sort out what he really wanted. Then do it,” Jonas said. “Kiss me.” What? He looked at the pale, panic-stricken man standing before him. Zackariah stepped closer, certain Jonas would flinch or pull away. Afraid his touch would result in a cringe, he kept his arms folded and pressed his lips lightly against Jonas’ full awaiting mouth. It was the kind of quick peck you’d give your grandmother, only Zackariah didn’t pull away immediately. Jonas pushed, increasing the pressure of the touch. Jonas opened his mouth and ran his tongue across Zackariah’s lips. He knew he should stop. End this little dare right then, but instead, he opened his mouth, and Jonas went in. His tongue explored Zackariah’s mouth, fearless and eager. Human tongues were different, sluggish and thick, and Zackariah wondered if their dicks were as well. He pressed his tongue against Jonas’ and was rewarded with a deep moan from Jonas’ throat. He couldn’t remember ever kissing Selina with such thought behind it, mindful of his every move, hyperaware of everything the person touching him was doing. The man pushed his body closer against Zackariah. He took his wet tongue back and gently tugged on Zackariah’s lower lip. Jonas opened his eyes and Zackariah stared into the same pools of blue he’d seen that night when Chrissy had introduced him to her children. Those eyes, still full of desire and fearless of the beast before him. Jonas pulled his head back, the contact broken. He made no move to do anything else. Zackariah had no idea how to proceed anyway. We done here?” Zackariah asked, resuming his normal cold demeanor. It would seem that way,” Jonas said. He felt the disappointment surge through him. Rejection? It bounced off Jonas and Zackariah would have sensed it even if he wasn’t feeling his emotions. You…want this?” Zackariah asked. I’m not sure what ‘this’ is, but if you mean you, then yes,” Jonas said. You’re not mine,” Zackariah said. He wasn’t stupid. He knew how protective a dragon was of their Enukara. He would need her permission, and then there was the human fiancé. Marcus?” Jonas asked. “I have a fiancé.” He acted like he’d forgotten about that tidbit. And you belong to a different dragon,” Zackariah said. “I don’t have any right to touch you.” That’s what this is? You want to touch me, you want me?” Jonas thumped on his own chest. “But you won’t because I’m not your Enukara?” Yes,” Zackariah said. The response had been impulsive, and even Jonas seemed to be in denial now. You want me?” Yes.” How was this confusing? Show me,” Jonas said. Zackariah glanced at the door. They’d been alone too long. Jonas moved to stand in his view. “Right now, you’re saying things, but you aren’t acting like you want me. That kiss has got to be the least sexual encounter I’ve had since my grandmother kissed me when I was a baby.” It had been the most intimate thing Zackariah had ever done. How could Jonas proclaim it to be otherwise? His brain didn’t process his reaction, but his body did, rebelling against the idea of disappointing yet another mate. His actions weren’t as practiced this time. He kissed him and pressed his body against the man. He felt Jonas’ erection as he pressed his own against the man. He growled and Jonas reacted the opposite of what he should have. He wrapped his arms around him, even his legs, as if trying to climb him. He kissed him harder and if possible, Zackariah thought the man would have crawled right up inside him. Jonas pressed his cock against Zackariah’s belly and ground it against him as Zackariah moved one hand under him to support Jonas. Jonas pulled his head away from Zackariah’s mouth and uttered a series of short gasps. Zackariah didn’t want to stop touching him, he needed to keep his lips on the man. He kissed his neck and felt Jonas’ entire body react in shivers of pleasure from the touch. His mind buzzed with the high of feeling Jonas’ desire. His lust and want for Zackariah, for this. He didn’t know what to do, but he wanted to push Jonas higher, feel the rush of endorphins push them both to climax. Don’t stop, oh, God, don’t stop,” Jonas said. His breathing came in short bursts and Zackariah knew he was close. This is what he’d needed that night in the cave. He needed Jonas to come, and he needed it now. He bit his teeth into Jonas’ neck in an effort to push him over the edge. Get off him!” Iliandra’s voice broke the trance and his mind struggled to reclaim control. She was hitting him before he could figure out how to react. He managed to grab her arms, but she still kicked. He held her against the wall and those eyes full of way too much hate, glared into his soul. Jonas was not his. He remembered the fury he’d felt when someone had touched Chrissy. Iliandra was justified in her hate. Stop it, stop,” Zackariah said. She ceased her squirming. He’s not yours,” Iliandra said. I know. He asked me to touch him.” Her body surged with another bout of anger and she kicked at him. He moved one arm across her neck and pushed. I would never hurt him. You have my word.” Her eyes continued to make threats. He spoke softer. “I want him.” The fight seemed to leave her, but the hate was still there. He let go of her and she went to stand between them, blocking Jonas. Jonas said nothing, no objection to the interruption or gratitude for it. Zackariah turned and left, resisting the urge to go back as he felt Jonas’ desires intensify. Jonas needed to have a conversation with his dragon before Zackariah could dare do something like that again.

Immortal Black Dragons
Enukara Series Book 2

Zackariah created an Enukara back when they were being made every day, and murdered hours later. Despite the odds, he managed to keep his alive long enough to understand how compassionate humans can be. Decades later, he meets his Enukara’s son, Jonas, and finds that he is now an Enukara. Zackariah must decide if he will tell him the truth behind his mother’s death, even if it risks the relationship forming between them.

Jonas knows Zackariah murdered his mother. He can accept this, but not the swirling lies around the reason why he did it. If he makes the same error it will lead to not only his death, but the death of all the Enukaras, present and future.

The First Generation
Enukara Series Book 3

The initial dragon invasion force came to collect and befriend the humans of Earth. Immortal by birthright, this first generation of dragons peacefully coexisted with humans for decades until reaching maturity. By mating with humans, a second generation was created, a solider force with one mindset, to decrease the population on Earth.

The current dragons populating the Earth have the ability to create healers known as Enukaras. The surviving first generation live in isolation. Jeremiah, an operative from a first generation colony, is sent out to investigate rumors of a woman pregnant with a dragon. His encounter with the dragon king, Zackariah, leads to an immediate infatuation.

Jeremiah’s attempts to secretly prevent the unborn child’s birth while seducing the dragon king quickly escalates tension between his people and those that follow the dragon king.

Jeremiah must work with the dragon king’s other lover, an Enukara, to prevent a second dragon war.

Elemental Dragon Mages
Enukara Book 4

Meant to bring harmony to the Earth after years of turmoil from the dragon invasion, Elemental Dragons emerge and seek their human counterparts—Dragon Mages.

Deemed a threat to all current social orders and leaders, some seek to prevent the Elemental Dragons from finding their mages and attaining their true powers. Others offer a recruitment program, wanting to capitalize on their abilities.

Xander has spent most of his life loyal to the dragon king, who adopted him as a hatchling. Upon his encounter with a human who can become his Dragon Mage, he feels his first independent desires and his loyalties are tested.

Kaylee never knew her background, or that much about dragons. Finding herself with a bloodline capable of making her into a powerful mage, she must decide which Elemental Dragon she desires to bond with, and which leader she wishes to align with.

The Second Generation
Enukara Book 5

The second generation of dragons, known for being a unified force of soldiers, have never grown to adulthood. Until now. Destiny is the first to reach maturity. Nurtured by the dragon king’s closest allies, she has become more than a killer—she wants to belong. But she doesn’t fit with any of the dragons or the humans.

As her first breeding day arrives, she must choose a mate. Her choice could deter a war, or led to the end of the dragon king’s reign.

The problem is, only one person knows how much is at stake, Jeremiah, whose drug abuse has left him barely functional. As Jeremiah’s life spirals, he realizes the end of all dragons hinges on his ability to stay sober enough to save the dragon king from his untimely destiny.

Enukara Book 6

Seven hundred years after the initial dragon invasion, the world is now controlled by humans. Dragons have devolved into animals. They’ve lost their ability to shift into humans and with it, their intelligence. Humans enslave them like the animals they are, using them to power factories and in some countries, even eat and skin.

Brothers, Ellis and Wyatt believe the dragons have more potential than humankind give them. When they discover an escaped dragon in their barn, they know she’ll be killed if returned to her owners. They decide to take matters into their own hands and ask a drifter they met at a bar for help. He’s rumored to be a dragon whisperer and might just be the one to help the dragons rediscover who they are.

Nina Schluntz is a native to rural Nebraska. In her youth, she often wrote short stories to entertain her friends. Those ideas evolved into the novels she creates today.
Her husband continues to ensure her stories maintain a touch of realism as she delves into the science fiction and fantasy realm. And their kitty, a rescued Abyssinian, is always willing to stay up late to provide inspiration.
You can find Nina on Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter.
Her blog, mizner13.wordpress.com, has updates on any current or upcoming novels, plus her thoughts on her most recent reads and movie viewings.

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