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Iron Circle (Yellow Locust #2) by Justin Joschko

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The path west is long, but despite Selena’s progress, New Canaan is never far enough behind her. It was there that her parents were killed, forcing her and her little brother Simon to flee the tyrannical state. Now, New Canaan wants control over every last inch of America-That-Was. Only the Republic of California can stand against it—but not without the data stick in Selena’s pocket, rumored to contain vital information about New Canaan’s deadly new weapon.

As winter closes in, Selena races south in search of an open passage to the coast. She must pass through Nuevo Juarez, where a ruthless leader named Thorin has seized power. Selena runs afoul of Thorin’s men and is separated from her brother, captured, and auctioned off at the city’s thriving slave market.

Her only way out is through the Iron Circle, a fighting ring where the city’s most fearsome warriors pit their skills against one another. As the populace and Thorin watch Selena rise through the ranks, Selena earns a reputation she doesn’t want and the attention of man with the power to destroy her and what’s left of America-That-Was.

Metl: The Angel Weapon by Scott Wilson
Publication Date: March 5, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

Iron Circle (Yellow Locust #2) by Justin Joschko
Publication Date: March 26, 2019
Publisher: Month9Books

Selena's opponent staggered backward. His eyes warbled in their sockets, struggling to focus. Selena didn’t give them the chance. She pulled her arm back, paused half a moment until his shuffling feet struck their most off-balance pose, and swung a haymaker into his right temple. He hit the ground like a toppled statue. The crowd cheered. Selena dropped her stance. The tide of adrenaline went out, and a hundred aches bobbed to the surface. A fresh dribble of blood stung the corner of her eye. She raised her arms to the crowd. Her ribs screeched like rusty gates swinging in the wind. A black fog settled over her senses. It was fainter than the one that had come in the wake of the wiry man’s kick, but visible all the same. When the emcee took her arm and moved to guide her gently from the ring, she felt an urge to go along. Instead, she pulled her arm free and shook her head. “I want another one,” she said. The hunger in her voice surprised her. The emcee looked at her, perplexed. He continued to usher her off. She reached deep into her brain and fumbled for the dozen or so phrases she’d learned from Mary, mental fingers closing on what she hoped was the right one. “Otro, otro.” The emcee shook his head. It was a gesture driven more by fright than conviction. “No, no puedes, por favor. Is too much.”
“Too much? I’ve seen people die in this ring. You’re telling me I’m disqualified because of a few bruises?” Si, but their keepers, they choose this. They are just vacas, yes? Meat for slaughter. You are Mister Todd’s, and for him, this is not so. He does not like the violence for his girls.” “He made an exception. Why do you think I’m here?” By then the spectators nearest her had turned her protest into a chant, banging their fists on the railing in time. “¡Otro! ¡Otro!” It spread through the crowd, seat by seat and row by row until the entire arena shook with its trochaic incantation. “¡Otro! ¡Otro!” The emcee tottered in a slow circle, mouth agape. He tugged at the corners of his mustache. His tongue poked out from between his lips and disappeared several times. “Bien vale,” he sighed. “Otro.”

Justin Joschko is an author from Niagara Falls, Ontario. His writing has appeared in newspapers and literary journals across Canada. Yellow Locust is his first novel. He currently lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children.


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