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While My Soulmate Slumbers
The Lost Lunason Series Book 1
by Stacie Sultrie
Genre: RH Paranormal Romance

When the love of her life sacrifices himself to protect her from the ultimate evil, Cassia Lunason plunges herself into an enchanted slumber. After two hundred years of blissful dreaming, Cas wakes up to discover that the world has become a very different place. Cars zoom down the streets, lights come on with the flip of a switch, and enchantresses take more than one mate. 

Not only does the powerful enchantress need to learn how to navigate the new world, Cassia soon realizes one very important thing - her soulmate is still alive. With the help of her familiar, a majestic white wolf with the ability to speak telepathically, Cassia struggles to reach her lost love. Along the way, Cas is distracted by a handsome man who will stop at nothing to help her get her beloved back.

Will Cassia reach her lost love in time?
Is the evil her soulmate sacrificed himself for truly destroyed?
Can her newly kindled friendship stand up to the scrutiny of her familiar?

Turn the page to see how Cas deals with the multiple men in her life while struggling to get the one man she has always loved back.

**This is a slow-burn reverse harem romance. The action slowly builds throughout the series, and the main character has more than one love interest. Though book one is relatively mild, the following books in this series include explicit language, graphic scenes, and some BDSM action. This series is not recommended for readers under 18 and may be a trigger for some.

Ari nipped Cassia’s breast then gradually slipped her dress down her body, removing her clothing for the first time. He didn't breathe as he reverently assessed her exquisite figure. There were a myriad of lights, from the full moon to the flickering candles, illuminating Cassia’s silky skin and giving her an out of this world appearance. Cas lay almost bare before him, the only article of clothing she wore was a pair of beautiful white lace panties. Ari reached his finger under the waistband, enjoying the sensation of the material against his skin. "Cassia, you are the most beautiful thing that exists in this world," he breathed.
She laughed at his proclamation. "Ari," she chuckled, "that's not true. Look at the way the moonlight hits the waterfall and is reflected in the river. Think of the stunning colors created by the sunset or the lovely flowers that grow in the field. There are many things in this world more beautiful than I."
"Cas," he said, placing a knee on each side of her waist. "I have seen the rarest emeralds in the world," Ari planted a kiss on each of her eyelids. "I've felt the softest silk ever created," he continued, and slowly kissed her lips. "I have glimpsed the most perfect color of pink known to man," he persisted, moving down to place a kiss on each nipple. "You, my love, are the most beautiful thing that exists in this world." Ari deliberately licked his way down her stomach and bit the waistband of her panties, pulling them away from her figure.
His smile brightened, and jaw-dropping dimples appeared in his smooth cheeks. "If you want," he said, stepping closer to her, "I'll show you how very, very nice I can be." She took a step backward, caught off guard by his forwardness. Jordan began to laugh and put his hands up to stop her retreat. With open palms facing her, he said, "Relax, Cas. I was only teasing you a bit."
"Okay," she replied, still unsure of his intentions. "But you still haven't told me why you're here."
"I've got a few errands to run. I'll be back in a bit," Celestia declared. Cassia’s sister grabbed her jacket and strode to the door.
"See you later," Jordan responded, and winked at Cas. He didn’t even bother to glance in Celestia's direction.
"Wait! Are you sure it's… you know," Cas asked her sister and nodded her head in Jordan's direction, "safe?"
Celestia roared with laughter. "Cassia! You are the strongest enchantress I have ever met. Are you truly scared of one little enchanted boy?"
Jordan chuckled at the criticism. He flashed Cassia another dimpled smile, and then he cupped his hands into a closed circle as if he were hiding a small trinket inside. Cas watched in nervous anticipation as his hands glowed a lime-green color. He stepped closer to her and leisurely opened his hands to reveal a single blue Anemone. "Blue, like the color of your shirt," he uttered. "The same blue you wore the first time I met you." He took another step closer to her, “My favorite color,” he stated, and placed the flower in her hair.
"I'm sorry, but I really must leave." Before he could reply a gigantic splash sounded behind her, and a defining roar split the night. Cassia turned toward the fountain as a flash of white flew snarling past her. "Brax!" Cas screamed, "No! Wait!" She realized her warning came too late as she watched the massive white wolf tackle the enchanter and release another terrifying growl. He stood on the man's chest dripping spittle from his ferocious fangs as he snarled. "Braxton, please," Cas coaxed, "it's okay, he's not a threat.”
But I felt your panic, Braxton replied. I sensed your distress! What has he done? Why are you shedding tears? His mental voice was loud, angry, and more threatening than she’d ever heard it.
Cassia walked up to her savagely magnificent wolf and bent to be eye level with the animal. It's okay, Brax, she assured him through their link. Cas placed her hand on his head and continued to try and calm him. This man has not harmed me, nor do I believe he ever would. This enchanter is not the reason for my tears. Please let him up.

Braxton let loose one more vicious growl, his maw dangerously close to the enchanter’s face, and cautiously stepped off of the man. He trotted to Cassia's side and rubbed his snout on her hip. Braxton had relaxed a bit, so his voice was quieter when he asked, What happened?

Chasing Cas
The Lost Lunason Series Book 2

Follow Cas and her three powerful protectors in this exciting paranormal tale of magic, shifters, and soulmates.

Cassia, the most powerful enchantress born in centuries, is so busy living her happy new life that she doesn't realize people are searching for her. While Cas spends her time bonding with the boy next door, the soulmate she doesn't remember exhausts every option on his hunt to find her. 
Unfortunately, he isn't the only one hunting...

An evil from her past is back with a vengeance and will do everything imaginable to destroy Cassia and her mates - including feasting on unsuspecting humans and tormenting the other enchanted.

Can Cassia's true love find her before evil destroys them all?
Will Braxton finally risk everything and reveal his secret?
Book 2 of The Lost Lunason Series really heats up and will leave you begging for more!

This is not a standalone and should be read after "While My Soulmate Slumbers."

"Jordan!" Cassia's entire face turned red, but she didn't try to move away.
"Hmm? What's the matter," Jordan asked, "don't you like to feel what you do to me? What did you think would happen when you came out here dressed in that?"
Cas peered up into his eyes and put one arm around his neck. She used her pointer finger on the other hand to make a ‘come here' gesture, and Jordan instantly obeyed. He lowered his head assuming she wanted to kiss him, but Cas turned her face at the last minute. She pulled him lower so she could whisper in his ear, "I thought that it would be so much fun to tease you!" She disappeared in a cloud of green and Jordan fell face first into the water.
"Oh, Sweetness," Jordan said, standing upright. "You are in so much trouble!" He searched the nearby area but found no sign of the little enchantress. "Come out come out wherever you are,” he called. Jordan turned and searched the horizon wondering if she had ported further away than he'd assumed. Suddenly, a gigantic wave came barreling toward him, crashing into him and knocking him in the water once again.
Jordan stood up sputtering, and the first thing he heard was Cassia's uncontrollable laughter coming from the shore. He glanced in her direction in time to witness her fall to her knees in the sand, holding her belly in hysterics. Jordan ported to her before Cas had an opportunity to move, and swiftly pinned her to the ground with his muscular torso. He locked her wrists above her head and straddled her waist, dripping water into her doe-eyed face. "Gotcha," he said, and leaned down to kiss her.
Cas was shocked when Vita’s bonds began to disintegrate, knowing that she embedded an immense amount of power into the magical chains. Vita spat in her face and then started to laugh. “I thought you were powerful,” she said, and flung Cassia across the room. Cassia used her magic and Braxton’s strength to propel herself at Vita, speeding through the disheveled dining room like a train racing through a subway tunnel. Cas barreled into Vita, sending them both hurtling through the wall into the kitchen.

Vita snagged a splintered piece of wood and swung it at Cassia’s head. Cas ducked the blow seconds before it could land, but Vita smashed her in the mouth with her opposite elbow. Vita called air and sent Cassia flying across the kitchen. Cas let out a groan of agony when she landed on the breakfast table, shattering it like glass into several pieces. She felt a sharp pain in her chest and knew instinctively that her rib was broken. Cassia struggled to catch her breath as Vita rose to her feet and approached her battered form. “You repulsive, feeble excuse for an enchantress,” Vita said, taking another step in Cassia’s direction. “You are no better than a useless human.” Another step brought her within touching distance. “I will enjoy destroying you, Cas, but I’m going to love taking your mates.”

Claiming Cassia
The Lost Lunason Series Book 3

Just when she thinks it’s safe to concentrate on her relationships, Cassia’s world is turned upside down once again.

The most dangerous enemy of the enchanted is on the loose and nobody is safe.
Celestia has made the ultimate sacrifice for her sister, unfortunately, this is the worst time for her to be so vulnerable.
Secrets are revealed that leave Cas wanting more than just answers, and her three muscular mates hope to giver her everything she desires.
If you thought Chasing Cas was hot, you won’t believe the action in book three!

“Why hello, youngling,” Vita said, flashing an innocent grin. “Where is your daddy?” The young boy appeared to be about five, and he was happily humming a tune she didn’t recognize. The child was sitting in a box full of sand filling a bright yellow bucket with a tiny spoon-like shovel. He gazed up at her with big brown eyes, his smile revealing two missing teeth.
“He’s at work. Do you want to play with me?”
Vita had no intention of crawling into the filthy crate, unsure how this child could find joy dallying in the dirt. “Maybe,” she answered, inching closer. “Where’s your mama? Why isn’t she playing with you?”
“Mommy’s at work, too.” He lifted the pail and held it out toward her. “See my new sand set? I can build giant castles like the ones in my books! Wanna help?” Vita took another step, bringing her within arm’s reach of the boy. She stretched her hand toward the bucket, preparing to snag the kid.
“Hey, lady! Why are you talking to my brother?” A teenage girl approached them. “My parents said we aren’t supposed to talk to strangers, you’d better leave!”
Vita stood upright and appraised the girl. Perfect, she thought, two for the price of one. She smiled at the teen, “I’m sorry, I was just admiring his new bucket.”
“Yeah, well, you’ve looked at it. Now you really gotta leave or I’m gonna call 911.” The brave girl continued walking toward her, and Vita couldn’t believe her luck. She plucked up the boy then quickly reached for his sister. Deep red surrounded them, and to anyone watching, they simply disintegrated. She transported directly to her basement, smugly holding a child in each hand.
“Let me g-go!”
Vita laughed at the naive adolescent who was yet to realize her predicament. “I think not. Unfortunately for you, neither of you will ever leave this room.”
Cas was unsure how she did it, but immediately after contacting with Ari’s body, Vita shot to her feet and bounded over a nearby couch. “You like this one better?” Vita snickered and lunged at Jordan, clutching his throat and digging her nails into his neck. Cas was horrified as Jordan’s skin began to turn black - she’d never seen anything like it. Green mist surrounded Cassia’s lover, and a powerful blast of water shot from his fingertips, forcing Vita to lose her grip and stumble backward.
Cas used the opportunity to try and get Vita as far away from them as she could. She called on her most powerful element and thrust a gust of wind toward the crazed enchantress. Vita went crashing into an end table, the force of her body shattered not only the pristine white lamp but also the white oak of the stand. Ari sent more fire at her, but Vita didn’t stay down long and quickly cast a shielding spell. “You idiots,” she screamed, “you are not powerful enough to destroy me! I will kill you, Cassia Lunason, and your tattooed party boy!”
She flew through the air and tackled Cas to the ground. Before Cassia could even raise her arms to defend herself, Vita started to land blow after blow to Cassia’s face. She tried to fight back, but Vita was hitting her with inhuman speed. One perfect punch across the bridge of her nose sent blood flying across the room, and she cringed as she heard the sound of breaking bone. Cassia was still recovering from using most of her magic to do the location spell, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t fight Vita off. Suddenly, the enchantress was hurled from her body, and Cas squinted her eyes in an attempt to see what happened.
“We have to go, Sweetness. Now,” Jordan demanded, reaching for her hand. He pulled Cas to her feet then carried her to Ari. As Jordan bent down to help up his friend, Cas noticed Vita getting up from where she’d landed when Jordan threw her. Cas struggled but managed to use the small amount of power that remained in her reserves and sent a gust of air at Vita, thrusting her toward a window. The glass exploded from the force of the witch’s body, and the sight of falling shards of glass twinkling in the sunlight seemed somehow surreal.
He noticed his own body quake as he slowly slipped a finger inside of the woman he’d wanted for so long, and growled when he felt the heated sides of her entrance clench around his digit. Braxton deliberately wiggled his finger and was satisfied when Cassia began to moan and writhe from his touch. He took her nipple into his mouth, twisting his tongue around the extended peak while Jordan continued to devour Cassia’s lips. He gradually slid another finger inside of her heated hole and nipped her soft skin as Jordan increased the pace. Cassia’s hand gripped his oversized organ when she found a release, breaking free of Jordan’s kiss and yelling in the throes of her passion.
Braxton loved the way her body clenched and unclenched around his fingers, and couldn’t wait to feel the sensation around his monstrous member. He rolled onto his back and roughly gripped her waist, pulling Cas away from Jordan’s grasp and centering her on top of his own body. Braxton moved her back and forth a few times, feeling her juices run across the length of his organ, attempting to excite her even more. He was finally going to unite with his mate in the way he’d needed to do for so long, but he wanted her in a frenzied state of lascivious need before he did. Brax poured all of his desire into the bond and sensed her own heightened emotions connecting back to him. Cassia’s body was demanding his in a way that he’d never known possible - hungry for his touch, thirsty for his kiss, and craving his cock.
Jordan inched closer to them both, and Braxton’s desire mounted when the enthralling enchanter reached for Braxton’s hair, pulling his face toward Jordan’s own. Jordan violently took his lips, his tongue demanding entrance into Braxton’s mouth. Braxton felt Cassia’s passion pound against the bond and knew that she was excited by this new turn of events. He wasted no time giving into Jordan’s command and kissed him back with zealousness. Jordan broke the kiss and allowed Braxton’s head to fall back onto the bed, “I’m in charge here, Wolfie.”
Braxton didn’t bother to argue because it didn’t matter to him who was in control. All he wanted was to experience this intimacy with his mate for the first time. He pulled her face down to his while Jordan positioned himself behind Cas. Braxton kissed her passionately, enjoying the taste of his precious little wolf. As Jordan reached around her side and began to play with her little nub, Brax felt the brush of Jordan’s fingers against his manhood and let out a low moan.
She wriggled at the touch, her hot mound sliding against Braxton’s shaft as she continued to pour her emotions into the bond. Braxton, she called through the link, please. “I need you,” Cas whimpered, and Braxton positioned the head of his cock at her entrance.

I love you, Little Wolf, he told her, as he felt the tip of his member begin to stretch her heated core. He was going to enter her as slowly as possible, to feel every inch of his shaft enveloped by her heat, knowing that they would both remember this moment for eternity.

Stacie Sultrie was born and raised in the United States and currently lives in a tiny Midwestern town. She has a loving and supportive husband who always encourages her to follow her dreams. Stacie has an amazingly athletic son that habitually hauls the family around the Midwest for sporting events. She also has two darling dogs that stay up late with her while she works on her books. Stacie is a stay-at-home mom, has earned her bachelor's degree in psychology, and plans to continue writing while pursuing a master's degree. She enjoys watching her son play sports, is an avid reader, and has a myriad of artistic hobbies. Stacie has always appreciated horror, paranormal, and romance books, but after reading her first reverse harem, was hooked on the genre. She hopes to publish a book every two or three months, and is grateful to everyone that supports her!

What can we expect from you in the future?
Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?
I did quite a bit of research for The Lost Lunason Series. I wanted my flashes in time to be believable, and when you have a character that is basically jumping two centuries into the future, it’s important to make her reactions believable. I have learned so much through my writing journey, and I feel like I grow as an author with each book. I’ve learned new words like caementicium (Roman concrete), and I learned a lot about the past. For example, when was cement invented? When did they start calling a couch a couch? My writing has definitely improved since my first book, and I hope I will continue to grow as I write.
I’m really excited about my next series, but I haven’t picked out a title yet. I’ve already done some research and have a detailed outline, but I’m currently researching Irish folklore and the story of Bridget Cleary. This will be another reverse harem, and it’s going back to the traditional Irish lore about changelings. The story will be about the Fae, have longer chapters, and more men for my MC’s harem!

What is your writing process? For instance, do you do an outline first? Do you do the chapters first?
I always create a very detailed outline so I stay on track and don’t lose focus. However, as soon as I start writing, my characters convince me to do things differently. Usually, it’s just small changes that really don’t transform the story too drastically, but occasionally one of my characters makes a demand that I can’t comply with. For example, when I was a few chapters into Claiming Cassia, one of my characters insisted on turning evil! We argued back and forth for over a week, and in that time I didn’t write a single word. In the end, it was too big of a change and I would’ve had to write another book, so she lost the argument. I was worried that my readers might be upset if I prolonged the series, so I stuck with my original outline. If I could change anything about my latest book, it would have been to listen to my character. If she really wanted to be evil, who was I to stop her?

Where were you born/grew up at?
I was born and raised in a tiny town in the Midwest. When I say tiny, I mean it is an hour drive to get to a Walmart! If I wanted to go to an actual mall, well, we’re talking three hours to the nearest food court! Needless to say, I couldn’t wait for my chance to break free. I’ve lived in a few different states, but I missed the small town atmosphere of my childhood. I moved back home, and, though I miss the anonymity of the bigger cities, I love that I live in a place where people wave to strangers and neighbors still borrow a cup of sugar. As an author, however, the familiarity of a little town can be a horrible thing!

My parents and my in-laws regularly volunteer at their respective churches. My husband’s job involves working closely with the local community, and I am working toward a career as a clinical psychologist. My son’s graduating class size will only be about 60 kids, and everybody knows everything about everyone else. What nobody knows, however, is that Stacie Sultrie lives in their close-knit community! Until I started writing, I never really understood why authors use a pen name. When I started scribbling explicit sex scenes, however, I needed a way to keep my everyday life separate from my writing. I’m close to publishing my fourth book, and I haven’t even told my family that I’m an author! My amazingly supportive husband is the only one that knows that I am Stacie Sultrie. It is difficult sometimes to keep the secret from the people closest to me, but it’s also a lot of fun. I have this whole other life that even my closest friends don’t know about. I also think that it ensures that I stay down to earth - I’m writing because I have a story to tell, not because I need recognition.
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