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Dunskey Castle Book 1
by Jane Stain
Genre: Scottish Time Travel Romance 

Tavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he disappeared from her life. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artifacts, and now her career is taking off. But Tavish is back, acting like a stranger who knows more about Celtic artifacts than she does. He's been on staff at every one of her job sites in Scotland, wearing that stupid sexy kilt.

You know me,” she reminded him. “Which way would I find more interesting?” He pointedly looked at her Celtic University ring. I’m not really sure I do know you well anymore, but the Kelsey I remember, the adventurous one, she would have insisted on checking out the passage down to the secret doors.” I’ll make you a deal,” she said to him. Wow. He gave her a soft look that she never thought she’d see again. It made her want to hug him… I’m listening,” he said. Right. They were just talking. What was she saying, again? Oh yeah. The deal. I’ll be the Kelsey you remember, if you’ll be the Tavish I remember.” Oops. What had made her say that? The soft look left his eyes, replaced by wariness. You know what—” he started. But she cut him off. Not for always, Tavish, just for this tour of the passageways, okay?” He sighed heavily, and sadness filled his face while his posture relaxed as if he’d been ready for a big something and then just given up. Okay, but Kelsey, when this tour is done, promise me you’ll go into Mr. Blair’s trailer and stay in there until the sun comes up. Please, promise me.” Taken aback by just how desperately worried for her he seemed, she agreed to his terms without any negotiation. I promise.” He visibly relaxed. Thanks, Kelsey.” And then his eyes were looking far away, and he started to reach out to her, and then let his hands drop. She stomped her foot to get his attention, to make him look her in the eye. Okay, and maybe she was trying to get him to laugh a little, too. She’d always found foot stomping ridiculous. What’s wrong, Tavish?” But it didn’t work. He looked away. I can’t tell you.”

Dunskey Castle Book 2

Sasha just got her dream job in the highlands of Scotland. Where her friends ply her with celebratory champagne, throw a plaid cloak over her business suit, and take her to the 14th century to do original research on the dig site. She meets gorgeous highlander Seumas ("Shaymus") there, and — wait, is this a good idea?

Dunskey Castle Book 3

Tomas was on top of the world. He had a hot girlfriend. She knew about time travel, so he didn't have to keep secrets around her. So why did the sight of his old friends Amber and Kelsey make him uncomfortable? His girlfriend kept telling him to forget about them. But he couldn't. He wished he knew why.

Time of the Celts
Dunskey Castle Book 4

Jaelle dons a Roman helmet left among her ex's things and is transferred to the Pictish Celt side of Hadrian's wall -- flat on the ground and tripped over by Breth. The naked woad-painted warrior is being chased by Romans who caught him scouting their fort. She earns his trust by grabbing an injured Roman's sword, fighting beside Breth, and saving his life. He takes her to his clan, where she sees druids in their sacred grove imparting magical protection by painting the warriors' nudity with muscle-activated woad pictures.

Emboldened by the fact that everyone else had stripped and she wouldn't be alone in it, she did so, even putting the leather sack with the Roman helmet down on top of her pile of clothes. With her eyes on it in a bit of worry, she walked over to where the line of druids was decorating the line of laymen with woad grease they had brought along with them in earthenware jars. Jaelle fell into the line between Breth and his mother. The grease was cold. The experience was anything but. But I know the woad decorations are needed according to your traditions, and of course I will go along with that—” She broke off what she was going to say, because Breth’s eyes were mocking her playfully. He spoke in a teasing way, not as if he meant it. You’ll go along with that? Look, if you don’t want to be part of our traditions, then why don’t you just go home, future woman?” In fact his eyes were laughing so much that she forgot everyone else was there for a moment and just stared at Breth’s glimmering blue eyes. Deoord cleared his throat. Look, if you have… unfinished business to attend to, then I can come back later…” Breth squeezed her around the waist. But then he looked toward the noon sky and sighed, then gently nudged her waist toward the druid. Tempting, but no. We really do need to get started.”
Jaelle tried again. Why don’t we just do the woad decorations tomorrow? There must be other things we could do today.” Breth and Deoord shared a look that said she really was a future woman and they had their hands full trying to make her understand their way of life. But the future druids demanded it of them. Deoord decorated Breth’s naked body just as complexly as it had been when she met Breth, but with different animals and creatures this time who were just as animated and fascinating and artful. Jaelle particularly liked the owl montage that now covered Breth’s back. When he flexed, the owls took flight. And as the druid made all these wonderful woad markings on that beautiful man’s bare skin, he patiently explained. These markings are protective, not really decorative — although they are that as well. The drawings are infused with my magic, and my magic is the most strong when enacted here by these waters which feed our sacred grove…”

Time of the Picts
Dunskey Castle Book 5

Ignoring phone calls from Kelsey, Jaelle thinks her first time travel adventure was a dream, but a new museum display shows a stick figure she remembers drawing with her fingernail file on the top stone of Hadrian's Wall. Whoa, that means her time travel and meeting of the dazzling warrior Breth and their fight with the barbarians at the Roman fort really took place! She needs to get back to Breth!

Time of the Druids
Dunskey Castle Book 6

Deirdre's first time travel assignment was challenging. Sure, she had her magic dagger, but he wasn't cooperating.

Talorac felt anxious about this meeting. A summons to the sacred grove had always meant the druids would perform their woad magic to prepare him for battle. So he was in no way prepared to make the acquaintance of the woman he found there with them. Deirdre was beautiful, and a warrior, and from the way she was flitting around the grove, she was the most powerful druid he had ever heard of in his life.

Dunskey Castle Book 7

Jessica's friend tricks her into time traveling to 15th century Scotland. A gorgeous highlander Jessica is sure is out of her league invites them to stay at his manor house.

Leif knows he should keep his mind on training the militia for the battle that is sure to come soon. And after all, Jessica is just passing through his town. But she is so compassionate he feels his heart melting.

Dunskey Castle Book 8

Lauren has a magic dagger that gives her orders and sometimes stifles her speech. It wants her to find some artifact here in 1400s Scotland and give it to some druid friends. 

She wants to get to know Taran. But the dagger whispers that Taran is in the way.

Taran's life in a small town in Scotland was disrupted six months ago with the arrival of Lauren and the other two lasses. Lauren knew the way mechanical things worked in a way most astonishing. He never tired of hearing her explain. But to find out she has a magick dagger that she is in danger of losing her self control to? That shocks him.

Dunskey Castle Book 9

Luag and Katherine are two bullheaded people trying to "out stubborn" each other. They've been verbally sparring in Medieval Scotland for the past year. He's never met a headstrong woman before, and he is such a stubborn male! When chance throws them forward to Katherine’s time, he is the fish out of water. Understanding blooms, as does love.

Dunskey Castle Book 10

Sarah’s boss at Celtic University plonks an iron bracer on her desk. It brings up one of Kelsey's magic druid dreams. In it, Sarah's ex, Michael (Meehall in Gaelic), used this bracer as a time travel object. And was a kilted highlander in 1700s Scotland.

At lunch, Sarah's friends say they’re calling in sick tomorrow to attend a local fair. They want her to call in sick too.

Sarah isn’t keen on giving the bracer back. She wants revenge on Meehall for breaking up with her and decides to use the bracer to have a bit of fun.

She tells her friends they don’t have to call in sick. She’s taking them back in time.

Good one!” they tell her, laughing.

Dunskey Castle Book 11

Ciaran arrives in the 21st Century with Eoin (John) in the darkness of the Celtic University night. Ciaran is delighted to run into Nadia and wants to stay and visit, but Eoin drags him away from her. Eoin is extra grumpy, saying the Murrays need an edge because the Cameron Clan is planning something big. Eoin sneaks the two of them into a storage basement and seems inordinately glad to find a particular halberd there.

Nadia remembers the kilted warrior Ciaran from her experience in 1706 Scotland and secretly has a crush on him. Wherever he and Eoin are going, she bets it will inspire her story for Celtic University's historical society paper, especially if they are time traveling. She sneaks into the back of the cart Ciaran and Eoin are driving and hides under a blanket.

Dunskey Castle Book 12

Ellie was captured during her last time travel adventure. But her friend's husband's life hangs in the balance. And this ring she found is giving her courage. Probably too much courage for a modern woman in 1706 to have.
Baltair is glad to see Ellie again. Her friend married his cousin and stayed, when Ellie went back to their time. But he keeps his distance. Many will die in the upcoming battle, maybe including him.

Time of the Fae
Dunskey Castle Book 13

Suellen and her friends ride a whirlwind onto a seacliff and panic. What happened?

The area is crawling with Highlanders who say they’re fighting the Romans.
That guy. The one they met at the Renaissance faire. They need to find him.

Druids or Faeries
Dunskey Castle Book 14

Marybeth frowned. "Dinna ye think it wrong, tae grab the faerie axe by force?”

Ashley batted the air as if what Marybeth had said was dismissible. "The faeries gave it tae Ciaran, who gave it tae John. Kelsey stole it from John. 'Tis na wrong for John tae steal it back from her."

Connell stuck his chest out and his chin up in a show of bravado. "Kelsey's gotten full o’ herself, syne she went off tae Celtic University. That, or she has been brainwashed by all those Druids. We used tae be friends, but now she's gone tae far. We wull be taking that axe back from her sae we can save Donnan. End o’ discussion."

Time for the Clan
Dunskey Castle Book 15

Ashley worries the faeries are about to kill her. She has to escape and warn Connell. His Highland clan could be separated by time forever. Can they make the druid curse help them?

Jane worked at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires at Paramount Ranch Agoura, Devore, and Black Point Forest from 1987 to 1993. She started as a peasant, then auditioned and made it into the Washerwomen, and then was a sea dog. She also hawked for Belle Star's perfume wagon and The Dye Spot clothing booth. Jane Stain is a pen name.

She is in her fifties and has been influenced by the writing of Diana Gabaldon, Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Harry Harrison, Jane Auel, Ray Bradbury, Ursula K LeGuin, Robert Jordan, Stephenie Meyer, Terry Goodkind, and many more great authors.

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