Christmas Countdown 2018 Day 6 :)

Tamara Passey, author of the The Christmas Tree Keeper: A Novel, was born and raised in Massachusetts around a large family, one that has served as inspiration for most of her writing. She loves most creative endeavors and when she isn’t writing or re-writing, you can find her baking or cross-stitching or walking–though not all at the same time. She lives with her husband and children in Arizona.

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Welcome to the books of 
Christmas Past, Present and Future.

Eleanor is saving her grandmother's fudge business but is becoming like Scrooge in the process. 

The consultant she hires to help is a friend from high school who hasn't given up his secret crush for her. 

Will the Christmas spirit melt her heart or will she miss out on the love of her life?

Q&A With the Author:

1.  Describe yourself in 50 words or less.
I like to create stories with words. In between writing projects, I like to paint pictures. I’m a self-taught cook and a self-taught author. I like art museums and gardens. I read eclectically. Memoir, historical, classics, young adult. I love to go on adventures with my family.

2. What do you love most in the world? My family and simple joys like autumn leaves and apple pie.

3. What inspired you to become an Author? So many good books.

4. What is your favorite Winter / Holiday tradition? Attending an annual concert and lights display with family.

5. What is your trick for getting past writer's block? And what advice do you have for other authors who are struggling to tell their story? My trick is a non-negotiable deadline—like a holiday. That keeps me in my chair and writing as much as possible. For authors struggling—when you are tired, learn to rest, not quit. In the words of Julie Berry, remember when life is hard, writing is the antidote.

6. Now that we've gotten to know each other, tell me a story. It can be long or short. From your childhood or last week. Funny, sad, or somewhere in between. Just make sure it's yours. What's your story?

How about a poem that tells a story?

Raising Daughters
They need you and need you and need you
Until they don't
Because you've taught them well and
Shown them the way and
Given them all you have
Your heart and your soul and your favorite flat iron.
They thank you, they hug you, and they leave you
In one motion
They are off and you wouldn't have it any other way
This is why you carried them, why you fed them, and why you held their hand
So one day
They could let go
And live their beautiful life.

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