The Sins of Rory MacLeod by J.R. Salisbury Book Tour and Giveaway :)

The Sins of Rory MacLeod
MacLeods of Skye Book 2
by J R Salisbury
Genre: Historical Romance

A riveting tale of family, love, and betrayal.
Left jilted at the altar by his bride, Rory MacLeod, the Duke of Skye and chief of the MacLeod clan finds himself becoming the subject of unsavory gossip.
Marriage to a respectable young lady of impeccable breeding is the only way Rory can hope to silence the gossips.
Licking his wounds, he returns to London for the upcoming session of Parliament and Season. He brings with him his sister Lily. It will be her first season and one which Rory intends to find a bride of his own. He doesn't have to look far.
Victoria, the Duke of Hargrove's daughter, catches more than his eye the moment he meets her. She is everything his duchess needs to be. She is smart, beautiful and devoted to Rory. Not even his darkest secret can sway her.
The bliss of married life is ripped apart by betrayal of the worst kind. His sister is kidnapped and forced into a marriage with only one purpose. Money. Even worse is who is behind it all.
With his own reputation and that of his family and clan at stake, Rory must carefully negotiate his sister's return without the world finding out about his secret. Not only could it bring shame to everyone he holds dear, it would mean his ruination and worse.

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"Good morning, aunt. I trust you slept well last night?" "Yes, thank you." She sat across from Rory and waited as a footman brought her a plate of toast and a cup of tea. "What do you and Lily have planned for today?" She smiled. "I think you mean what does Lily have planned for today, don't you?" He wasn't sure. Women were so complicated at times. They could twist the simplest of conversation around where one didn't know what it was about. "My sister is excited?" "Yes. She can't wait for the Abbott ball." "Isn't she excited to be presented to the Queen tomorrow?" "But of course. It's just that the Abbott ball will be her first official function." "I understand." Actually he didn't. The female mind was something that always confused him. He took Mac's lead and simply let them have their way. He slid the newspaper across the table to his aunt. Fiona was his father's younger sister. She had endured tragedy when her husband had been killed in a hunting accident two weeks after they'd married. He often wondered why she'd never remarried. She was still a beautiful woman. "It seems we've made the gossip columns already." She smiled at Rory. "Oh, my. I hope it's all good." He nodded. "It is. More of a curiosity about me." "Ah, yes, the jilted bridegroom. Of course." "Which I don't intend to get in my way." Fiona tilted her head. "You're serious about finding a bride. Even if she's English." "Aye. It matters not if she's English or Scot. I need a wife. It's time." "You are a continuous surprise to me, Rory." "How's that?" "Just when I think I know what you're going to do, you do something I don't see coming." He laughed. "That's the way I prefer to keep things.  Mysterious." "And that you do." Rory stood and walked around the table to his aunt. He kissed her on the cheek. "I need to see to some things in my study. If you have time to help me go through the stack of invitations, I'd appreciate it. Tyler says there are quite a few." "This should prove to be interesting. I'll be there in a few minutes." "Thank you."
"For what?" "For making this trip and seeing to Lily's needs. I know Mother didn't want to be far when Rose gives birth, so I'm glad you stepped in." "Say no more. I'm more than happy to ensure Lily's first season is a success. Edana has been on Skye for far too long. London society makes her nervous." "I know. We all do. That's why Lily didn't raise a fuss about her not attending." "We all have our reasons and our secrets. Remember that, Rory, and don't judge people by who they are." He nodded and left the room. He knew better than to get into a discussion of that sort with his aunt. She was too wise. Sometimes more than a woman should be.

Donnan's Rose
MacLeods of Skye Book 1

As the fourth MacLeod son, Donnan MacLeod does not have to take on the responsibilities his older siblings do. He is free to keep his business private. As a privateer he sails the channel looking for smugglers. Very elite smugglers.

It's not until he returns to Skye for his mother's birthday when Donnan begins to lose control of his life. And it's all because of a woman, the one woman he's loved since childhood. The woman he desires above all others - that is should he ever think of taking a wife.
Rosalind, strong willed and opinionated far more than most, she is determined to find out what it is Donnan is hiding. Never before had they kept things from each other, but Rosalind is convinced he's keeping something huge from her.
Everything changes in the blink of an eye.
Stowing away in the back of Donnan's coach, Rosalind changes their lives forever. The adventure begins...

**On Sale for .99 cents!!**
Suddenly, something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, apart from the three towering masts, the rigging, and unfurling sails. A sailor, dressed quite unlike any of the rest of the crew, was standing off by himself. He turned to take a closer look. It wouldn't be obvious, at least not for a while, just who this new crew member was. A smile crossed Donnan's lips as his eyes caught a stray tendril of red hair protruding from the sailor's dark cap. He wasn't sure whether to be proud or be angry. The nerve it must have taken. Softly, he began to chuckle to himself as his eyes locked on this mysterious person.
For a second, he thought of having one of his men bring this person to his cabin. Instead, he decided it would be better served if he approached the sailor himself. He nodded to the wheelman and strode across the deck. He quickly descended the steps to the main deck. He found the thin intruder still standing where he'd last seen him. Wanting the element of surprise, Donnan came up behind and bent down and whispered, "Do not look startled. You are to act as though you belong here, and do as I say. You will follow me. Do I make myself very clear, sailor?" A bob of the head was all he got. He tried not to grin or let on he knew what was going on. "Come, let's be on our way. We'll go below, to my quarters, so we can get better acquainted." Again, a bob of the head. Donnan watched in frustration as Rosalind navigated her way to the hatch where they would descend the main companionway stairs. He took her by the elbow and escorted her past the equipment to his cabin. He opened the bulkhead door to his cabin, his private domain, and let her pass. He sucked in a breath as she inched slowly past him, her scent permeating his nose. Shutting the door, he stood and watched her take it all in. He knew it was unlike anything she'd ever seen. The large stern windows, mahogany-paneled bulkhead, the swinging lantern, and his spyglass. Saying nothing, she walked towards the windows and knelt on the window seat. Her eyes widened as her gaze fixed on the desk and chairs that kept time with the living, breathing ship beneath their feet. He wanted to rush over and comfort her in his arms, but instead, kept his position. "This is quite impressive, Lucifer," she said, removing the cap which had been hiding her flaming red hair. She shook it out, and he looked away, knowing the distraction threatened to undo his control. "Yes, she is." Rosalind slowly rose and glided across the room to him. Gently, she placed her hands on his chest, moving them up to his shoulders until she ran them through his long loose hair. He stood motionless, waiting. She raised her chin, meeting his eyes. Tears were pooled up in her eyes. "Why, Donnan? Why have you lied to me?" "I never meant to, leannan. Things happened so fast with us being wed, moving to the manor. This voyage had to be handled by me. I will explain later, and when I do, it will all make perfect sense to you. All of it. I promise you this; this is my last voyage as captain of the Tigress." "That easy? You simply walk away?" "Aye. Love makes a man do strange things, leannan. I shall keep ownership of her, but I'll not command her. Believe me?" He wrapped his arms around her and felt her settle into his embrace. He absorbed her body next to his, her warmth, every sensual inch of her. "Show me, Donnan," she said, raising her head, gazing at him. Slowly, he lowered his head and gently grazed her lips with his before claiming her mouth and kissing her with all the passion he had within him. When he broke the kiss, he felt her uneven breathing against his cheek. He growled as he swept her up in his arms and carried her to his bunk. He laid her down and began removing her clothing. He then joined her, lying on top of her, his body molding to hers. Rosalind arched into him and against his hardened cock. He groaned and quickly came out of his clothes. He chuckled as she squirmed beneath him, urging him, stroking his back. He spread her legs with his knee. He felt her cupping his buttocks, as he entered her. Her inner muscles clenched against him as they joined as one. Moving and riding wave after wave of passion, he kissed her hard. There was no denying their love as she reached her orgasm. He felt her legs wrap around him as he spilled his seed inside her and collapsed on top of her.
In the aftermath of their raw passion, he rolled to his side in the small bunk, drawing her close. "Next time we'll take our time, leannan." "Mmmmm," she replied sleepily, her fingers exploring his chest lazily. Donnan fell asleep along with his bride in the aftermath of their lovemaking. He'd been furious at her for attempting such an act. Coming on board disguised as a sailor. Her disguise hadn't been too good or well thought out. He grinned to himself. It was too late to take her back or even have her taken to Edinburgh. He wouldn't allow her that far from him now. No, she'd have to stay below in his cabin unless he escorted her above. Quietly, he removed himself from the bunk and dressed. He gazed at his wife from the end of the bunk. Her fiery red hair, which had given her away, was spread across the pillow. She was a feast for his eyes as this was an image he would have forever burned in his memory. He stood gazing down at her, wanting nothing more than to join her and make love to her again. Life however, had other matters in mind. His heart heavy, he bent down for his boots. He'd given her his word. This would be his last voyage commanding the Tigress. He loved her with his whole heart and would not disappoint her again. He'd made that vow to her, and he fully intended to keep it. For now, he had to go top side and see where they were, things a captain must do. "Sleep well, Leannan. I shall return to your side shortly." A grin pulled the corners of his mouth as he watched Rosalind inhale deeply. She sighed and snuggled into the covers, releasing a seductive sigh. He gazed at her one more time before he strode to the door. He pulled the latch, opened and closed it without a sound.

I've always been a creative individual. Writing is just a facet of that creativity...

My careers in public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing,  artist management, modeling and special event planning all elevated my passion for writing, not to mention gave me a treasure trove for story lines. 

I write women's fiction; contemporary romance (as Jamie Salisbury) and historical romance (as JR Salisbury) which is ever evolving. I am fortunate enough that writing (and marketing of said product(s)) is my full-time job, although I always have one or two other projects going at the same time.

I now live in a suburb of Atlanta. Some of my other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course, travel.

I sincerely hope my writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. I love to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs.

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