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Stephanie Worlton is an author, designer, gabber, and sugar addict! She was raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City where she developed a passion for the creation of space, color, and design. Her love of design drove her to pursue a degree in architecture. Her love of family pulled her home to be a mom.  She enjoys hanging out with her family, reading, writing, making massive project lists, doing remodeling and building projects, playing in the dirt, and snuggling with her dogs. She collects power tools, camera equipment, shoes (though barefoot is always best!), and books.

Ali Cross, the award-winning author of the Desolation Series, has always had a flare for the dramatic. As a child she organized backyard performances of classic plays and musicals and hosted tea parties for invisible friends and pets dressed in doll clothes. Her teens were a haze of boys, drama (of the real life variety), and music. So it really didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the girl her family called a dreamer, ended up writing drama—with angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures thrown in for fun.

After university, Ali traveled from the Great White North to the Utah desert for love and now entertains her devoted husband, almost-grown twin sons and adorable yorkies with her wacky song renditions and random movie lines. As the only female in the house she considers this her right and her duty.

Never one to conform to expectations, Ali enjoys writing in multiple genres:

Ali Cross books for young adult paranormal romance; Ali Banks Cross books for middle grade adventures; and Ali M. Cross for inspirational romance. She promises to entertain you no matter which of her books you pick up.

Award-winning Author

I had lots of imaginary friends when I was five years old, and I guess you could say some of those friends never left me. In fact along the way, I picked up some more imaginary friends who have had lots to say.

I love watching stories unfold. And some of those stories seem worth sharing with you.

So, I have written a few books. And have several more in the works.

Meanwhile, some of my books have won some awards. And even more importantly, my books have made friends with some wonderful and supportive readers. I absolutely love it when a reader connects with one of my stories.

Stacy Lynn Carroll has always loved telling stories. She started out at Utah State University where she pursued a degree in English, learned how to western swing, and watched as many of her fellow students became ‘True Aggies’.  She then finished her BA at the University of Utah where she got an emphasis in creative writing.  

After college she worked as an administrative assistant, where she continued to write stories for the amusement of her co-workers. When her first daughter was born, and with the encouragement of a fortune cookie, she quit her job and became a full-time mommy and writer. 

Eight books and four small kids later, Stacy has truly learned the necessary skills of balance and time management. Dr. Pepper and chocolate also help. She and her husband live in Utah with their four children and three dogs. Bear Lake is her favorite place to write.

Are you ready to fall in love? 

Take the chill out of winter with four new multi-genre romances from best-selling and award-winning authors Tara C. Allred, Stacy Lynn Carroll, Ali M. Cross, and Stephanie Connelley Worlton. 

From heart-warming traditions to heart-pounding suspense, this cozy collection of toe-tingling first kisses set in Utah’s North Pole (aka Bear Lake) will leave you feeling cheerful and bright.

Top Ten List:

Ten fun facts about Stacy Lynn Carroll:
1. I was born in Plano, Texas.
2. I worked as a nanny in Virginia after high school.
3. In college, I had a hot pink car. Her name was Phoebe.
4. I also write picture books.
5. Bear Lake is my favorite place to write.
6. I have four kids. Two girls and two boys.
7. I make the best homemade brownies on the planet.
8. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
9. I have three dogs.
10. I can quote almost every episode of Gilmore girls.

Ten Fun Facts about Stephanie:
1.       I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, my favorite show is American Pickers, followed by Hoarders and any home renovation-type show.  
2.       My education is in Architecture.
3.       I love to play in my garden.
4.       I really just love to play in the dirt, in general. One of my favorite things is to tackle a mountain on the back of my 4wheeler.
5.       Any day I can drive with my sunroof open is a great day!
6.       I’m a history nut.
7.       I build. And design. A lot.
8.       My favorite smells are saw dust and fresh paint.
9.       I believe shoes are always optional, but I have a closet overflowing with them because they are cute!
10.   I listen to country music and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Ali M. Cross
1.     I was a professional opera singer for five years
2.     I am madly in love with my yorkies and would save them first if our house was on fire
3.     I love the movie Fifth Element so much that I can quote almost the entire movie
4.     I like to sing silly songs in the weirdest voice I can manage
5.     I still call each of my 6'+ sons, "baby"
6.     I'm a fan of naps
7.     I rarely "read" but if I'm not working I'm probably listening to an audiobook!
8.     I like to write stories that speak to me, which means I've written everything from picture books to romance, with space travel and monsters in between!
9.     My husband and I fell in love over a handshake
10.My favorite feeling is warm sunshine on my face

TARA C. ALLRED -Ten Favorite Things

1. My family
2. My dogs
3. Zebras
4. Hawaii
5. My personal time
6. Learning
7. The reflection of the moon in the pond outside my back window
8. Being in nature
9. Science

10. Sunsets

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