After She Became a Lady by Wareeze Woodson Book Tour and Giveaway :)

After She Became A Lady
by Wareeze Woodson
Genre: Historical Romantic Suspense 

Laurel Collingsworth, seventeen and deeply in love, expects to marry her hero and live in wedded bliss forever after. Instead, with the ink barely dry on the marriage lines, Lord Robert Laningham is called away to Spain and the war. With a heavy heart, she sends her husband off with a kiss and a prayer for his safe return.

Now alone in her new role of Lady Laningham, she faces a series of terrifying events, shadowy intruders, missing jewelry, and mysterious footfalls in the night. Added to her alarms, she must fight her hostile sister-in-law for the reins of her husband’s establishment.
When Lord Robert Laningham returns, can she convince him danger stalks the halls of the ancient mansion? In his wounded state, will he listen, or must she protect her child, her recovering husband, and her household by herself?

My dearest cousin, Adron,
When you receive this writ, I shall be married. Coward I may be, but I have yet to inform my sister. I shall do so with all haste—just as soon as I have fathomed the best way of doing so. Dastardly, you would say were you present, but that is my decision. After all the young ladies paraded before me at the marriage mart, I’ve finally found the one. Not at Almack’s, as one would suppose, but at a small house party given by the Matthews. I’ve never experienced such attraction to a young lady before. I can’t deny my caring, my strong desire for her. In my mind’s eye, I can see you smiling with your mouth lifted on one side and thinking ‘how revolting’. I admit I do have a silly grin on my face. At this moment, I am the happiest man on earth. Call me daft, but Laurel is the most wonderful girl, beautiful in face and form. I can’t sing her praises enough. Just thinking of her with her lovely blonde hair curling down her back, and her eyes of azure blue staring up at me, melts my insides. She’s kind and sweet, which only adds to her loveliness. I only wish you could be here when we marry. Her aunt gave us permission. She entered into Laurel’s voiced sentiments on the depth of her devotion. Being of a kind disposition, she didn’t want to break Laurel’s heart with a rejection of my suit. As I am to soon rejoin my regiment in the Peninsular, we shall marry by special license two days hence. I cannot credit that the day has come when I am most heartily grateful for the endless, reproachful tirades and tears with which Rhonda so ardently protested the worth of any of the ladies I once thought to court. Unlikely as it sounds, she saved me, Adron. Had it not been for her melodramatics, I may have married for necessity instead of want. Even so, there shall be tears this time, too. A veritable river of the bloody things, I suspect for she shall detest being replaced as mistress of my estate. I’ll have a battle royal on my hands. He pleated his brows and rolled the quill between his fingers before applying ink to the paper again. Perhaps I should allow her to remain in charge of the household until Laurel finds the way of it. After all, Laurel is young and doesn’t have the necessary experience to handle such an undertaking without my guidance. Yes. I’ve hit on the perfect notion. If I present Rhonda with a young sister-in-law to train, that should restore her shattered self-esteem. That’s what I shall do. I will present her with my wife, not merely a betrothed. Hopefully, she may manage to contain her emotions as proper manners dictate. In any event, I shall deal with the situation when the occasion arises. With any luck, we’ll kick the little general’s troops back to France in a matter of a few months. Laurel shall be mine, and I can face anything to return to her. Wish me well. I’ll be with you anon.

Your Friend and Cousin,

Robert Laningham

I write historical romance fiction novels set in the 1800s forward with a twist of suspense. All of my characters and stories that are portrayed in my books are fictitious. I am a native of Texas, but I have traveled through out America and beyond. As a dreamer, I love to visit new places where I can imagine a heroine meeting a hero in a special way. I'm an avid reader of (all sorts) and I love to write.

I married my high school sweat-heart and after having raised three sons plus one daughter, our love for each other remains unshaken. Now we enjoy our eight grandchildren. We can send them home, but we're always happy for their return.

Outside of my family activities, I sing with the Silver Belles at my church and hate to miss even one practice. The local chapter of RWA is also at the top of my list of pleasures. It keeps me grounded with craft and connected with other writers.

Most of all, I enjoy going fishing with my husband. Give me a pole and leave me alone to bask in the sun, listening to water gurgle along the riverbanks while allowing my mind to float away to some distance place. Ah! Perfect.

Hello Friends,
Thank you for sharing your valuable time with me today. Allow me to introduce myself. My pen name is Wareeze Woodson. I write historical romance with a twist of suspense both Regency and Victorian. Perhaps as readers, you would enjoy a glimpse behind the curtain of writing a novel.

Inspiration for writing my book
I would say there are several factors at work when contemplating writing a book. First thing, decide what genre you like the best. What genre do you read?
Personally, I like historical settings, with knights in castles before coping with more modern times such as the Regency period flowing into the next century. All historical romance is perfect for me. Although I like sys-fi and fantasy as long as those stories are filled with romance, I prefer make-believe without vampires, fairies and such to draw me into a story.
America has cowboys and Indians (which I adore) while England has its own story of Dukes, Viscounts, even Earls in the Ton along with colorful link boys and street urchins. The proper ladies and young misses along with tea and crumpets intrigue me. I rather like the gowns, the mannerisms of polite society when I read. I love to enter another century along with another country as well. Thus, After She Became a Lady.
Certainly it isn’t that simple. I wanted a heroine that would stand for her child, no matter what, loyal and caring. A heroine placed in a situation where she would find it necessary to use all within her to accomplish her goals to protect and nurture her child. Many women had to use cunning and courage to even survive.
In After She Became a Lady the heroine uses her brain to outwit criminals, to recognize the true worth of the hero in spite of his great flaws, her courage to face the hero down along with outwitting the killer and her caring to win the man of her heart while she protects her child. Lady Laurel Laningham is just such a heroine. Even with her faults, she is the perfect heroine for After She Became a Lady. That is what I aimed for, and I found it, my inspiration.

Wareeze Woodson

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