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The Descendants
The Descendants Series Book 1
by Destiny Hawkins
Genre: Dark Fantasy 

Fail the tests and become a slave. Display defectiveness and be put to death. 

Monroe Academy was built to separate the weak from the strong. Pass the biyearly leveling and be released into society upon graduation. Fail to be promoted and be stripped of rank and forced into servitude.

That was a rule that applied to all but Rayah Bardeau. A student of Monroe Academy, branded as a Null because of her absence of Lighter energy. With her mother standing as a slave in her place, Rayah was given until the age of twenty to make level six, but at nineteen-years-old and with only eight months until her twentieth birthday, she was only a mere level one. The same level she’s been since she was ten.

With the stress of her upcoming test, the loss of a friend, and the constant wrongdoings towards her, Rayah could only dream of escaping from Lytonia, and escape she did. Only, when she awakened in her dorm, she couldn’t distinguish if she had only dreamt of meeting Soren, a wild and adventurous defect in the Wild Lands, or if she had somehow used her Lighter Form to get there. 

But only the elite ― the most powerful of Lighters ― could tap into their Lighter Forms. Right?

And what was the dark energy she used when she and Soren were attacked by Depleters? Was Rayah really as powerless as she thought? Was she a defect? And if she used dark energy, could she call herself a Lighter at all?

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the first installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective. 

"When I started reading this book I was not prepared for the sheer level of adventure I would experience. This book is along the same lines as the Divergent series, and just as action packed!" ★★★★★

"Given how many books I read, it's not often I can say that I haven't seen something before, but this storyline is unlike anything I've read." ★★★★★

"This is completely different from what I'm used to reading....but I definitely fell in love with this world that Destiny Hawkins created." ★★★★★

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Gone. One minute Tristan was here, and the next he wasn’t. Only two days ago we watched the two moons rise, and it was only two days ago when we almost kissed, but this morning he was taken away from me, and I will never see him again. Once a student was made into a slave, it was forbidden for them to ever see their friends or family again, and that was exactly what Tristan was going to be transitioned into in only a few hours. They were going to strip him of his rank, disregard that he was born into the Vex class, and put a collar around his neck that could kill him at the push of a button. This morning two officers marched into Tristan’s dorm and dragged him out. I stood there, shocked, as he kicked and screamed, begging for a second chance. He was a level five Vex, which would have been alright if he hadn’t turned twenty today. At the age of twenty, a student of Monroe Academy was to be tested on their lighter abilities and hopefully advanced up to level six. Ever since Tristan was enrolled ten years ago, he’d never had trouble leveling up, but this time he struggled to get his powers to strengthen. This time, the council didn’t believe him strong enough to earn a level six patch, and now he had to serve his nation in another way. He had to serve the high class Vexes and ensure their happiness. The happier the people, the lower the chances of there ever being chaos in our world again. At least that’s what we were taught. The navy-blue leather suit I was wearing grew hot as I walked down the hall towards my dorm. All I could think about was the terrified look on Tristan’s face as he was dragged away. We had only made eye contact for a moment, but in that moment, I remembered the night he told me that the council had leveled him up and were going to send him his level six patch to his dorm. They usually gave them out right away, but Tristan said that they’d somehow run out and had to order more. Now I knew that he was only lying keep me from worrying on our last night together, but I wished that he would’ve told me. I wished that I would’ve been prepared for the aching pain growing in my chest. My throat burned as a few of the other students passed me by, giving me dirty looks. I was sure that most of them had blamed me for Tristan’s failure. I was a Null after all. Someone that couldn’t produce even a speck of light. We were lighters, citizens of the Lighter Nation and beings that could produce an energya lightthat was taught to be used as a weapon to protect our nation from any outside enemies. Lighters had to be strong, disciplined, and hard workers. If one couldn’t reach their required level at a certain age, then they were done for. Given up on, and there were no second chances. At least for everyone else. I was the only student ever given another opportunity to level up, but at a cost that would forever weigh on my conscience. The dorm hall had oddly cleared as I neared my door. I barely even took notice to how the few students still lingering averted their eyes from me. Maybe they thought that any contact with a Null would hinder them from advancing to the next level, or maybe they all recognized the haunted expression on my face and couldn’t bear to look. Many had lost loved ones to our glorious society and could have been all too familiar with the expression. One where the face paled and the eyes brimmed with tears, reddening before the droplets even fell. Finally arriving to my door, I swiped my card through the slot on the wall and waited for the door to slide open. As soon as it did, I felt myself being roughly shoved inside and fell onto my hands and knees. Before I could even get up, an arm wrapped around my throat, tightening so that not a drop of air could get through, and when I heard the door slide shut behind me, alarms began to blare in my mind. This was bad. Really bad. Not only would screaming for help be ineffective, but I couldn’t fight my attacker either. I told you that I would get you alone, didn’t I? Fucking Null.”

The Calling
The Descendants Series Book 2

She was given a second chance to prove that she could fall in line, but with her lack of power, that would be impossible.

Rayah's entire life, she'd always been different from everyone else, and in Lytonia, being different was treated as a crime, but in her case, she was granted a pass.

In only a few months, she had to present her abilities to the council and prove to them that she was worthy of walking the halls of Monroe Academy, but Artemis, her tormentor and superior officer, would stop at nothing to keep her from excelling. Being powerless and not proving herself meant that she would be transitioned into a slave, and Artemis would become her master.

What Rayah realized was that she wasn't as powerless as she thought. For weeks she had been able to do things that only the elite lighters could do, and even though this meant that she was strong, it made her more different than she could have ever imagined. Rayah went from being weak to possibly being as strong as a Gods Daughter, and she couldn’t tell anyone.

The standard colors of a Lytonians powers are white, royal blue, and turquoise blue.

Hers were black…

Bestselling author Destiny Hawkins brings you the second installment of a gripping dark fantasy where a powerless girl must survive in a society that doesn't accept the weak...or the defective. 

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I clenched my teeth as I readied myself to suffer from the agonizing burn of the hot iron rod. Artemis seemed to enjoy this method of torture over all the others since my burns didn’t heal as fast as my cuts or bruises. He kept me strapped down to a spiked chair that drew blood from my bottom, legs, back, and arms, and I thought that after losing so much, he would release me over to the nurses, but since my small puncture wounds only took a few seconds to restore back to normal, he felt no need. Like I hadn’t lost enough blood just yet. Soon though, the major would have no choice but to send me to medical. The more stress that my body endured, the harder it worked itself to heal, which meant that I’d eventually fall unconscious from exhaustion. I was supposedly the only student in the academy that could heal this fast, but it worked out for me since I was bullied and forced to endure the worst kinds of pain testing. Major Artemis St. James smiled as he placed the visibly hot end of the rod against the side of my neck. I grunted and shook in the chair, excruciating pain spreading from my neck and down my shoulder, as I tried to keep from crying out. I simply didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream. Although if I did, that might have been just what I needed to do in order for him to go easy on me, but I was stubborn. I wasn’t going to show him weakness no matter how well he thought he knew me. Artemis pulled the iron from my neck and pushed his long black hair back. “You’re still trying to play tough, Rayah,” he sighed. His piercing blue eyes stared into mine, sending chills down my spine in the heated room. “But I can see through your act. You tried this when you were a child, remember?” He walked back to the fire pit and pulled out a second rod, flinging the old one to the ground with a clang. “But I’ve always found a way through that wall you put up.” He raised the rod into the air and gazed at it in awe, then slowly turned his head to face me. “You’re still the same little girl.” My heart pounded against my chest. I didn’t know what he was planning, but I knew that it would be painful. I wanted to beg for him to stop, but my mouth wouldn’t open. I just kept it shut with my teeth clenched, hoping that I wouldn’t crack any. Artemis slowly walked in my direction with the hot end still raised, then stopped in front of me with a smirk on his face and a strange glimmer in his eyes. He reminded me so much of someone else that I knew, but I couldn’t think of who at the moment, and when he leaned down to level with me, I stopped thinking all together. You look so much like your mother,” he said before using his free hand to release my dark hair out its bun. “But act so much like someone I knew …” My hair fell in waves over my shoulders. “I prefer it down.” His own long hair hung by the sides of his face. To others he was considered a very handsome man, but to me he looked disgusting. I hated his face, his smile, his smell everything about him. “Why do you look so afraid now, Rayah?” he asked as he grabbed my chin. “I thought that you were tough?” My eyes widened as he slowly brought the rod towards me. “Don’t,” I nearly whimpered, flinching away. Artemis chuckled as he continued to bring it closer to my cheek, and when I flinched again, he grabbed me by my neck and slammed the back of my head against the chair, but not hard enough for the spikes to do any serious damage besides drawing more blood. Once the iron rod was close enough for me to feel the sizzling heat from it, I whimpered, and when it was pressed against my cheek … I screamed. 

Destiny Hawkins is a multi-genre author with a dark imagination and a love for magic.
She enjoys cooking, running, swimming, listening to music, reading, and of course watching anime filled with fantasy! Her favorite genres to read and work in are Fantasy, LGBT, Paranormal, Romance, Dystopian, Sci-fi, and young adult. After three years of writing she has published almost 20 books and she has many more coming!

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