Legend Undone by Angie Day Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Legend Undone
by Angie Day
Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy 

Readers are calling it "creative" and "engaging!"
Mara wasn’t just a Legend who survived on human energy, she used to be a dangerous Shadow who wielded more power than she wanted. When she discovered that Alec, the leader of the Shadows and her childhood love, held a dark secret about her past to keep her prisoner until he could use her against the humans, she ran.
As the first Legend to escape the Shadows alive, Mara must keep moving, hiding among the humans that every Legend learned to hate, while she searches to understand her past. Under the alias Kate, she meets Kylan and his way of life challenges everything she used to know. As she falls for Kylan, she finds clues about what happened before she became a Shadow.
But the closer she gets to an answer, the faster Alec can destroy everything she has grown to love.

“What are you?” she asked me. I took a step back as I looked at her. She wasn’t scared of me. She was angry. She didn’t struggle with the seatbelt that had locked up and kept her pinned. She didn’t throw her hands in the air to stop me. I looked into her eyes and all I saw was hatred brimming out of the surface. I saw myself, except for one major difference. She was a human. Sometimes I caught myself thinking they couldn’t all be as terrible as we made them out to be. This was not one of those times. A life with the Shadows had taught me that they are all the same. If given the chance, they would kill us because, in the end, their own inferiority terrifies them. I walked up to her and ripped the seatbelt off of her. I grabbed her throat and hoisted her out of the vehicle and held her up to my face. Her feet dangled in the air. Haven’t you heard the whispered stories? The monsters that come to steal your souls? Of course, you have. You humans just refuse to believe we even exist,” I threatened her. “You think this kind of power should be exterminated or controlled, not appreciated. If you knew what I was capable of now, would you think I deserved to live?” I actually wanted to hear her answer. I wanted to hear the lie seep through her teeth, saying that she would save me. That she would care about me. No,” she spoke through her strained throat. I released my grip on her and she collapsed to the ground. No? You admit it then?” I stared down at her. I was shocked at her honesty, considering I held her life in my hands. Most people groveled at this point. She made one final effort to look me in the eye. Not because of your power, but because of what you do with your power.” She was coughing between words and rubbing her throat as she spoke. “You are heartless. You kill people. Why do you deserve to live?” I looked in her eyes, and the anger melted away. She looked up at me like I was the one that needed help in this situation. If I didn’t know better, I would say she looked like she cared about me. My eyes narrowed at her. You’re good.” I commended her on her deceit. “I almost believe you.” I leaned down to the ground and brushed my finger across her face. She slumped to the ground after a few seconds. I stood and shook off what just happened. I looked at the last girl in the back seat. She was still just lying there unconscious. I looked up at Alec, who had made his way down the hill. Did you want anything? She doesn’t have much left,” I called to him. He shook his head. I looked at her and checked the pulse on her neck. It was faint. I laid my hand on her neck and felt the last bit of energy she had pulse into my hand. I don’t know what it was that made a human’s final energy sweeter than the rest. I could feel all the power swirling inside me like a hurricane. I could lift a skyscraper I was so strong. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the high for a moment. Something inside me had awakened. It was like I had not been this alive in decades.

Angie Day found her love of writing while in college where she studied psychology and eventually went on to a master’s degree. She noticed the need for romantic and fantastic adult stories that were still wholesome and clean. So, she took matters into her own hands. LEGEND UNDONE is her debut novel. When she’s not devouring the next book, she is spending time outdoors with her husband.

How did you come up with the characters for the book?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. I just knew the outline of the story and what types of people needed to be there to help or get in the way of the goal. The rest just kinda filled itself in as I wrote.

Where did you come up with the names in the story?
I wanted unique but still easy to pronounce names. My favorite name is a tie between Thayer and Alec.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
Reading the story back to myself. This isn’t meant to be narcissistic, but I loved reading what I wrote. I liked seeing how to improve it and enjoying what I thought I did well.

How did you come up with the title of your first novel?
I wanted something with either Legend or Shadow in the title. I went through so many different options before I finally landed on Legend Undone. The thing that really tipped the scales was that I wanted the following books in the series to have a similar format of a title.

Who designed your book covers?
My cover was designed by Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations. She did an amazing job. I told her some things I wanted the cover to encompass and she totally nailed it.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
Of course I would! The problem of being a writer and spending time with a book is that you can change anything you want to and the entire story is up to you. Sometimes, I read it back and I think of a million ways I could do it better. But at some point, you have to call it done if you ever want to move on to another book or another world.

Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?
I learned that I did not know as much about writing as I thought I did. The editing process with my professional editor also taught me so much. Overall, I learned that I loved learning and I love writing. So publishing a book allowed me to do both of those.

If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?
I think there are a lot of actors and actresses that could do a smashing job of playing the characters in my book. I couldn’t possibly narrow any of them down.

Anything specific you want to tell your readers?
I wrote this book because I didn’t want these people to only live in my mind. I want to talk about them. I want to hear from you. There are a lot of ways to get in contact with me: social media, email, leaving a review.  

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