Christmas Countdown Blitz 2019 Day 2

Didi Lawson exchanged her town car for a pick-up truck and learned to operate a tractor when she and her husband moved from Arizona to a farm in  Missouri where she now weaves her tales. Her love for writing started early in  life when  she entertained her friends with her stories, won prizes for he essays in high school and wrote road shows and poems for the youth group in her church. She enjoys the outdoors, her children and ten grandchildren, and keeps an active social calendar.

Erin O’Neal loves Christmas, except not this year because she’ll be all alone for the holidays. To make matters worse, she receives a dog as an early Christmas present, but cannot keep it. The man who delivers the dog is the snob who has embarrassed her in public a few days ago.

When the snob, a handsome veterinarian, injures his ankle and needs someone to drive him home to Prescott for the holidays, Erin is available. Getting to know him better, she falls in love with him. There are only two obstacles: his girlfriend and her own dog phobia. 


At noon, Erin walked across campus to the Student Union to buy her lunch. Standing in line, she tried to decide what to eat. Fried chicken with coleslaw and a roll sounded good and would hopefully lift her spirits. She ordered and placed the plate on her tray, moving to the dessert station. A bowl of fruit joined the chicken before she moved to the cashier line with about twenty customers in front of her. She waited. Whats taking so long? Looking at the chicken on her tray, she thought itd be cold before she even paid for it. After another glance at the line in front of her, she tapped her foot. Could you please stop doing that?asked the customer behind her. She turned. Stop doing what?” He pointed to her feet. That.” Looking the tall man up and down, she noticed his athletic physique, brown eyes and chestnut hair, but also his superior attitude. Less than contrite, she finally said, Sorry. I didnt know I was tapping.She rolled her eyes and turned around. Pompous creature. After the cashier finally rang up her tab, Erin rummaged in her purse to retrieve her wallet. It wasnt in its usual place. She froze and then searched again. Had she put the wallet in the zippered compartment? She couldnt remember but tried that section. No wallet there, either. Hopefully, she had stashed some money into her coat pocket. No. Her pants pockets? With trembling hands, she searched. She emptied her purse piece by piece, but it didnt bring any results, either. Frantically, she threw lipstick, powder, tissues, nail file, and cell phone back into her purse while the irritated murmurs behind her grew louder. Hanging her head, she told the cashier, Im sorry, I cant find my wallet. Ill have to take my tray back.” While she grasped the tray, the pompous creature reached around her and placed a ten-dollar bill next to the cash register. Here,he said, pay for your food and lets get moving.” Erin felt heat creep up her neck and into her cheeks. She pressed her lips together. Her bosom heaved. With as much hauteur as she could muster, she finally said, Thanks, but no thanks. I cant accept your money.” For Heavens sake, woman, pay your tab and lets get on with it.” She glared at him and grumbled, Ill pay you back.” Forget it,he said and motioned for the cashier to complete the transaction. When Erin wanted to hand him the change, he waved her attempt away. Thank you,she mumbled without looking into his eyes and left the area as quickly as her feet would carry her. She imagined all eyes following her retreat. Her chest felt as if squeezed in a vice. Her hands still trembled. This had been a most humiliating situation and one she wouldnt forget anytime soon. Not having her wallet with her and being unable to pay would have been bad enough without Mr. Snobs irritating remarks. He was no gentleman. Nothing discreet about his words or actions. They stung. 

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