Faith Through Falling Snow by Sandy Sinnett Official Book Tour :)

With Laci and Mitch anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new baby, they are surrounded by the turmoil of discovering Mama's illness while their two sons fight over the love of a woman.

A white Christmas brings a moment of joy, but Laci’s faith is tested again when their baby clings to life. 

Together the Young family must lean on each other and the only One who can truly give them strength.

Will they find the faith they need…even through the snow?" 

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Sandy lives in her hometown of Mt. Vernon, IL enjoying life with her two youngest kids, and works full time for a local hospital as a health consultant. Most mornings she can be found at her local bookstore-coffee shop among friends, looking for inspiration and writing her next novel.

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Top Ten List
1. Love my kids and family 
2. Love Coffee - my whole kitchen is decorated in coffee 
3. Love to play pool- 9 ball champ and have a trophy 
4. Love planning events for non profits 
5. Random: Got a speeding ticket on the Autobahn once (where this is no speed limit lol)
6. Love to teepee in the fall 
7. I run a bar and event center inside 1930s movie theatre in my spare time 
8. I was inspired to write my first book by a gentleman who sat next to me on a plane 
9. I ordered the black and white mocha so often at my local coffee shop that they added it to the menu 
10. I met Billy Ray Cyrus in an elevator when I worked for the Adams Mark Hotel and he did the boot scoot boogie for me in the elevator. 

Laci’s faith had only grown stronger through all the trials that she and Mitch had faced in the past, and the one that lay ahead would be no different. Maggie’s episodes were growing worse, not better, and Laci felt a deep sense of sadness when she thought about her condition. She needed to tell Mitch the truth once and for all, but struggled with the promise she had made to Maggie. Still, it was getting harder and harder to hold it in.

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