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Ancient Enemy
Ancient Enemy Series Book 1
by Mark Lukens
Genre: Horror

Ancient Enemy - it wants things . . . you have to give it what it wants.

Seven hundred years ago the Anasazi people built massive cities in what is now the southwestern United States . . . and then they vanished.

Stella, an archaeologist specializing in Anasazi culture, and David, a mysterious Navajo boy, are on the run from something terrifying. As they flee up into the snowy mountains of Colorado, they are carjacked by criminals escaping a botched bank robbery. Caught in a blizzard, they must take refuge in what they believe is an abandoned cabin. It's at this cabin where they will face horrors beyond their imagination.

Ancient Enemy Series Book 2

After a rancher finds ten mutilated bodies at a dig site on the Navajo Reservation, both Captain Begay of the Navajo Tribal Police and Special Agent Palmer of the FBI become involved ... but the case leads Palmer back up to Colorado where five more mutilated bodies and Stella's vehicle have been discovered at a burning cabin.

Cole, Stella, and David escape the cabin on a snowmobile, heading south to get David back down to the Navajo lands. Now that Stella believes that David is a natural-born shaman, she knows that their only hope of David ever defeating the Ancient Enemy is to find a reclusive shaman named Joe Blackhorn who can help train David.

But with Agent Palmer and Captain Begay hot on their trail, Cole and Stella must find Joe Blackhorn and the secrets he possesses before the Ancient Enemy destroys them all.

Hope's End
Ancient Enemy Series Book 3

In 1891, in the badlands of northern Arizona, Jed Cartwright, a bounty hunter and U.S. Marshal, transports a dangerous prisoner back to the town of Smith Junction. As they travel through the woods, they are attacked by what they believe are skinwalkers.

As Jed flees the woods, he finds a house where a family has been slaughtered - the only survivor is an eight-year-old Navajo boy, a boy traumatized by the horrors he has seen.

As Jed and the Navajo boy make their way north to Smith Junction, a sudden sandstorm diverts them to the small town of Hope's End. They take refuge from the storm in the saloon with some of the townspeople. But hours later, when the storm is over, they discover what has happened to the rest of the people in Hope's End . . . and the terror is only beginning, everything leading up to a shocking twist at the end.

Evil Spirits
Ancient Enemy Series Book 4

It has been seven years since David sent the Ancient Enemy back to its world in the ghost town that was once the town of Hope's End.

Cole and Stella have lived in Costa Rica for the last seven years. They wanted to believe that it was really over . . . but there were always doubts. And when Stella sees a horrifying vision in the jungle, she's certain that the Ancient Enemy has returned.

David, living at his aunt's house in New Mexico, knows the Ancient Enemy is back; he can feel it. And now nightmares about a serial killer possessed by the Ancient Enemy plague him, a killer who will stop at nothing, a killer who is coming for David. With Joe Blackhorn dead now, the only person David can turn to is Begay, the former captain of the Navajo Tribal Police.

Former FBI agent Palmer's nightmares have returned, and when he's called in as a consultant on the recent copycat murders - re-creations of the massacre at the archaeological dig site seven years ago - he knows that the ancient evil is back.

Together, they are drawn into one last stand against the Ancient Enemy . . . but this time the battle will be fought in the Ancient Enemy's world.

Mark Lukens has been writing since the second grade when his teacher called his parents in for a conference because the ghost story he'd written had her a little concerned.

Since then he's had several stories published and four screenplays optioned by producers in Hollywood. One script is in development to be produced. He is the author of many bestselling books including: Ancient Enemy, Darkwind: Ancient Enemy 2, Descendants of Magic, The Summoning, Night Terrors, Sightings, The Exorcist's Apprentice, What Lies Below, Devil's Island, The Darwin Effect, Ghost Town: a novella, and A Dark Collection: 12 Scary Stories. He is a member of The Horror Writers Association.

He grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida. But after many travels and adventures, he settled down near Tampa, Florida with his wonderful wife and son ... and a stray cat they adopted.

I was born in New Jersey, but I was only there for six months. We traveled the world when I was young because my dad was in the military. When I was six years old my dad left the military and we moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. I grew up there in a huge trailer park. We didn’t have a lot of money (no cable TV, no VCR, only an old Atari with a handful of games) so there wasn’t a lot to do inside; we were outside with our friends a lot. But we always had books; my parents were both avid readers. I left home when I turned eighteen and moved to Orlando to work construction. I traveled around quite a bit, backpacking across northern Europe when I was nineteen years old, working in mid-town Manhattan hanging wallpaper in the Marriott when I was twenty years old, and working construction jobs in Connecticut and Boston. But no matter where I traveled, I always came back to Florida. Now I live near Tampa with my wonderful and very supportive wife.

Finding time to write can be tough enough, but when you’re a parent it can be even tougher. You want to pursue your passion for writing (or do your job if writing is what you do for a living), but you don’t want to take too much time away from your kids—you can’t ever get those years back. Our son is an adult now, married, and lives in his own apartment with his wife, but when he was younger I still tried to find time to write in the evenings and on the weekends. I would even bring a notebook with me in the car, and if my wife had to run into the store I would use those few minutes to jot some things down. With the apps on cell phones now, you could even dictate things you want to write and print them out later. I’ve heard of some authors getting up an hour earlier just to get some writing done before the rest of the family wakes up, or writing an hour or two before bed after everyone else goes to sleep. There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and there are always distractions, but it’s a good idea to take an honest look at how you spend your time. How much time do you really spend watching TV or scrolling through social media? If writing is truly your passion, perhaps you can squeeze an hour or two in a day to 2 devote to it. Even two hours is enough time to get a few thousand words done. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s possible. I used to work a sixty hours a week when my son was younger and still living at home, but I still managed to find the time to write on Sundays and an hour here and there. I didn’t get the amount of work done a week then as I do now, but I got something done.


I’ve always been a writer because I’ve always loved to write, but I guess I first considered myself a professional writer when I optioned my first screenplay. Even though none of my scripts were ever made into movies (at least not yet), it still gave me a thrill that complete strangers in Hollywood felt that my writing was good enough to be made into a film, and production companies were considering investing huge sums of money on stories that had just popped into my head. After a few years of pursuing my screenwriting dream, my dad and my best friend both told me I should look into self-publishing on Amazon/Kindle. So I did. I’d been working a regular job for years, and by that time my wife and I had saved up some money. I told her that I wanted to quit my job and really pursue writing one hundred percent for the first time in my life. I told her I would give it six months, and if it didn’t work out I could always find another job. Up until that point I felt that I had only been giving my writing part of my time and not taking it seriously, treating it more like a hobby, hoping for a lucky break. It was scary to quit my job and pour everything into my passion, but my wife agreed immediately that I should try it—she knew how much writing meant to me. I turned one of my screenplays, Ancient Enemy, into a novel and put it on Amazon near the end of 2013, and to my surprise it took off in a few months. Complete strangers were buying and reading my book. I felt that same thrill I had when I had optioned those four screenplays, but this was even better—it was finally a dream come true for me. 
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