Valentine Countdown Blitz Day 9!

Debbie currently lives on the west coast with her husband and two dachshund rescues, Dash and Briar. She loves to hike, work in the garden, and on most sunny days you can find her enjoying her backyard with a glass of wine.

She’s an avid supporter of animal rescue, and as a pledge to all animals seeking their forever home, she happily donates a percentage of all book sales to local and national rescue organizations. When you purchase any of her books, you’re also helping animals.

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Breanna Murphy has been planning her wedding for years so when her fiancé runs off with a hula dancer, she is forced to realize her destination wedding is nothing more than an exotic vacation for one.
Trying to escape the embarrassment and disappointment of being jilted at the altar, Breanna answers an ad for a job clear across the country. When the voice on the other end offers her the job, she’s excited about what awaits her in California.
Builder Calvin Comstock must make right on his daughter’s mistake regarding the nationwide advertisement and hiring of Breanna. He doesn’t know what to expect, but when Breanna walks into his office with her infectious smile, peaches and cream complexion not to mention her sexy southern drawl, Calvin is happy for his daughter’s error.
Breanna is drawn to Calvin’s mature movie star good looks, charming personality, soft voice, and strong hands. She’s trying to stay focused on the job and not the overwhelming lure she feels pulling her in to test the waters. But when the two realize the attraction is mutual they throw caution to the wind and give in to the undeniable desire to be together.
Can an ex-wife and a teenage daughter spoil their happiness or will it make them stronger than ever?


Sleep eluded Breanna, so she channel surfed, trying to find anything that would either keep her interested enough so she’d stop thinking about Cal and their sexy kiss, or boring enough to lull her to sleep. She propped up her pillow against the headboard, and settled on, what else, but a home decorating show. She loved learning new things, like what color pallets were in trend, but after a while, she lost interest and found a travel station. It was highlighting Hawaii, which reminded her of Jake the Snake, so she clicked past, settling on a cooking show that would hopefully take her mind off of her botched wedding.
Her phone started vibrating, drawing her away from learning how to make beef stroganoff. It was Cal. She crumpled against the pillow, holding the phone in her hand.
“I hope I didn’t wake you,” he said in a cool, tempered voice.
She took a slow breath before answering, fighting to keep her voice steady. “No, I was having trouble getting to sleep and was watching someone prepare beef stroganoff.”
“I got pulled over tonight for speeding,” he said, followed by a throaty laugh.
“Oh, oh. How much is that going to set you back?” she teased.
“Nothing—she let me off with a warning.” His voice held an authentic quality. One she really admired.
“Cal … I really enjoyed our date tonight, but I know things haven’t been easy for you with the divorce, and all. You don’t have to wine and dine me. I’m good with microwave popcorn and a rented movie.” She played with a loose thread on her pajamas.

“I appreciate that. I really do. And, I might just have to take you up on that. When I got home I had a certified letter waiting for me. Looks like Liza wants more money. She’s trying to work it out between us before we get the attorneys involved, or so she said.” His remarks were on the border of becoming snide, and she didn’t blame him a bit.

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