Brides of the Kindred Series by Evangaline Anderson Book Tour and Giveaway :)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume One
(Claimed, Hunted, Sought, Found)
by Evangaline Anderson
Genre: SciFi, Paranormal Romance 

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume One

Contains Claimed, Hunted, Sought, and Found all in one volume

A race of Genetic Traders from beyond the stars.
Three very different types of Alpha males
all focused on one thing…claiming their brides
In all their years of travel the Kindred have come across only three worlds with
species close enough to their own to initiate a trade.
Earth is the fourth.
Olivia Waterhouse is about to be Claimed.

A desperate girl on the run
with nowhere to hide...
A warrior who has made a vow
never to claim a bride...
Sophia Waterhouse is being Hunted
and the only man who can save her
is the one she fears the most...

One woman...Two hot guys...A galaxy of problems
Kat O’Connor is no pushover. She’s a no nonsense girl with a commonsense approach to life. But there’s nothing common about what’s happening to her lately…
Kat is being Sought by two Kindred warriors at once--how will she ever survive?

A warrior with a scarred heart who doesn’t know how to love. And the woman who must teach him how before it’s too late…Can Lauren and Xairn, the abused and wounded son of the All-Father come together in time to avert catastrophe? You'll have to read Found to find out.

 “N-nice teddy,” Liv heard herself saying in a trembling voice as she backed away. “Don’t bite me, just stay away.”
But the bear thing seemed to be attracted to the sound of her voice rather than put off by it. With an interested sounding huffing noise it came closer and Liv backed further away.
She found herself backing down the dim hallway, blinking to see since her eyes had grown accustomed to the light in the kitchen. Still the alien teddy bear followed her making huffing sounds in a hoarse voice and snuffling the air as though trying to identify her scent. Walking on all fours as it now was, Liv estimated that it was probably just a little smaller than a Pomeranian but about a hundred times scarier because A—it was clearly an alien creature with unknowable intentions and B—it had teeth like a freaking shark.
“Nice teddy,” she whispered again, fumbling around for the door to the bathroom. Maybe she could lock herself inside somehow until Baird came back. She didn’t know how the weird bear creature had gotten into the suite in the first place—maybe it was some kind of parasite that needed to be exterminated like a really huge cockroach—but at least Baird was big enough to take it out of commission. If he would ever freaking get back. Where was the human food store located on this ship anyway? And what the hell was taking him so long?
Finally she felt the bathroom entrance and backed slowly into it. But as she went her foot caught on something on the floor and she lost her balance. Windmilling her arms desperately, she shrieked in surprise as she tried to keep from landing flat on her ass.
Unfortunately her big arm gestures and ear-splitting screams seemed to have a bad effect on the creature. Previously it had appeared to be simply curious about her but now it reared up on its hind legs again and let out a hoarse and awful roar that chilled Liv’s blood. Dear God I’m about to be eaten by a blue alien teddy bear, she thought wildly as it came toward her. What the hell are they going to put on my tombstone?
Here lies Liv,
Without a care
She died from the bite
Of a teddy bear.

Okay, so maybe she wasn’t completely sober yet but she was completely terrified. Where was Baird?

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Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Two
(Revealed, Pursued, Exiled)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume 2
Contains Revealed, Pursued, and Exiled all in one Volume

Nadiah is bound to her home planet and a male she doesn’t love by an unbreakable blood bond—a bond only a Kindred warrior can break.
Rast is just an ordinary human with no chance of setting her free…or is he? The truth is about to be Revealed

A warrior scarred both inside and out.
A woman broken by her past.
Can they make each other whole or will Elise run from her pain? If she does, Merrick cannot help but chase her.
Elise is being Pursued.

A timid priestess turned Mistress...
A proud warrior posing as her slave...
Will their love blossom on the savage world where domination, submission, and kinky sex are the order of the day?
Or will Lissa be Exiled from the one male she loves above all others?

 “You’re taking a risk, you know.” But he was already moving, sliding the two inches she’d managed to capture along with the head of his cock out of her and then back in.
“How…how do you mean?” Sophie moaned as he pressed even deeper into her.
“My blood is burning.” His blood red eyes flashed, emphasizing the truth of his statement. “And filling you with my cock makes me want to do more than just fuck you—it makes me want to bite you. To bond you to me. And if I do that—if I sink my fangs in you and inject my essence while I fill you with my cum—you’ll never be free of me.”

“What…what if I don’t want to be free of you?”

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Three
(Shadowed, Chained, Divided)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume 3
Contains Shadowed, Chained, and Divided all in one Volume

Reddix is a Kindred warrior with RTS—a debilitating disease that forces him to endure the emotions of others like a physical invasion every time he is around anyone. Nina is the girl he dreams of but can never have. Will he open up enough for Nina to heal him or will his fate remain Shadowed?

A shy scientist with no experience of anything outside the laboratory.
An enslaved warrior with a shadowed past.
Can they rescue each other before it’s too late?
Or will both be forever Chained in darkness…

One girl who was supposed to be a nun
Two hot warriors constantly at odds with each other
Both of them want her
But neither one can have her alone.
Because with these Kindred, it takes two...

 “Forget it. I know what your idea of help is—both of you skewering me at once. I’m not about to become a sexual shish-ka-bob for the rest of my life just because I ate the wrong fruit by mistake.”
“It doesn’t have to be like that,” Lock pleaded. “Please, my lady, we can help you without making love to you or bonding you to us—I swear it.” To his surprise, Deep sighed and came to stand beside him at the door.
“Lock is right,” he said, putting a hand on the wooden panel. “Come out, Kat. I didn’t mean to frighten you, I was just…” He stopped and cleared his throat. Looking down at his boots, he continued. “I was angry when I saw you talking to those two unmated males.”
There was silence on the other side of the door and then, finally, it opened a crack. “Is that your version of ‘I’m sorry?’” Kat asked, one blue eye appearing warily in the narrow opening.
“It is.” Deep nodded, tightlipped and frowning. “And I don’t say it often.”
“Or ever,” Lock murmured, earning a glare from his brother.
“All right.” Kat opened the door all the way and stood there, her arms crossed protectively over her breasts as she shifted from foot to foot. “I’m listening. I wouldn’t be if the stupid fruit I ate wasn’t driving me crazy, but it is. So talk. How can you help me without the three of us doing the hokey-poke-her?”
“The what?” Deep frowned. “As much as I study Earth vernacular, sometimes I still find you completely incomprehensible, Kat.”

“Oh yeah?” She frowned up at him. “Well that goes double from me back to you, Deep. So come on, boys—what’s the plan?”

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Four
(Devoured, Enhanced, Cursed)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume 4
Contains Devoured, Enhanced, and Cursed all in one Volume

A girl on the run from her past
A warrior trying to forestall the future
Can Tess help Garron contain the ravenous beast that lurks within him?
If not, she will surely be…Devoured

A frightened girl. running from her dreams of a dark warrior…
A warrior without emotions, determined not to feel.
But when their encounter forces him to face the darkness of his past will he go mad…
Or finally learn to love?
You’ll have to read Enhanced to find out.

A fierce warrior, forced to feel the agony of others
A girl with a past full of pain caused by his kind
When the two of them go undercover on a dangerous mission will they bond?
Or are they Cursed to be apart forever?

 “More,” he growled, breaking the kiss to stare into her eyes. “I need it more.”
“Then let’s get to it.” Standing back, Lauren made sure Xairn’s eyes were on her as she untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. When she reached for the ties that held the bottom in place, he made a hoarse, hungry noise in the back of his throat. “That’s right,” Lauren murmured as she untied it slowly and let the two little triangles of white fabric drop, baring her pussy for him. “Look at me, baby. Look but don’t touch.” Then she walked toward him. “I, on the other hand, am finally going to touch just as much as I want.”
As she spoke, she ran her hands over his broad, muscular shoulders and chest, tracing the brand of her name with her fingertips. Then she moved lower, stoking her way down his corded abdomen. She could feel the tension coiled like a spring inside him—the barely controlled power thrumming just under the surface of his smooth tan skin. It was like stroking a caged tiger, one that might break the lock that held it and attack at any time.
“Lauren…” Xairn’s voice was thick with warning as her fingers trailed lower, running over his thighs and moving inward. “What are you doing?”

“Exploring.” She gave him a slow, lazy smile. “I’ve been dying to get a look at you down here, you know?

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Five
(Enslaved, Targeted, Forgotten)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume 5
Contains Enslaved, Targeted, and Forgotten all in one Volume

A warrior sold as a slave against his will...
Bought by a woman forbidden to love him
When passion flares, she grants him his freedom
But his heart has been forever...Enslaved.

A Kindred warrior turned assassin, sworn to kill his prey or die trying
A girl who lives a boring life on the outside yet hides a remarkable secret within
When Tragar recognizes Emily for what she is, he must make a choice.
Will he fulfill his mission and terminate her life? Or will he give his own to save her?
Emily Brooks has no idea she has been...Targeted

A warrior sworn to get his mate back or die trying
A woman under a curse which stole her love
Rone is determined to win back Kate’s heart
Even though he has been…Forgotten

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Six
(Switched, Uncharted, Unbound)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume 6
Contains Switched, Uncharted, and Unbound all in one Volume

A warrior with a talent that could get him killed
A girl transported to a new existence with no warning
When the two of them trade lives, it places them in mortal peril.
Not to mention really screwing up their love lives!
Will they ever be able to get back in their rightful bodies?
Or have they been forever...Switched?

A wounded Warrior seeking Revenge for all that has been taken from him.
A woman looking desperately for a Cure for her terminally ill sister.
Drawn together by the will of the Goddess, they must journey to the Dark Sector.
What awaits them there--love or death? Or both?
You'll have to read Uncharted to find out.

Slave to Love…
A Warrior bound by blood and Love
A Princess in Danger
He must risk everything to save her…
Even if it means losing his bond with her forever.

Brides of the Kindred Box Set: Volume Seven
(Surrendered, Vanished, Imprisoned)

Brides of the Kindred Box Set Volume Seven contains:
Surrendered, Vanished, and Imprisoned all in one volume

A warrior working undercover allows himself to be sold as a slave.
A Mistress lonely for a male she can trust buys him.
Can Thorn give Neh'sa his body without losing his heart?
Read Surrendered to find out

A warrior traveling through time
A girl who must be changed in order to prevent a nightmare future
Can the two of them alter the past in order to avert disaster?
And will their love sustain them when Harper has Vanished…

A girl dressed as a boy
In a Triple Max prison full of savage predators
A Kindred warrior undercover, trying to protect
What he thinks is an innocent boy.
Lathe can't understand why he is so drawn to Ari
But when her secret comes out, will it kill them both?

**New Release!! **
Trapped in Time
A Kindred Tales PLUS Novel

A woman trapped in the past
A dark, intense warrior who claims she is his wife
Will Caroline survive her stay in the parallel universe she has fallen into?
Or will she be forever...Trapped in Time?

Dr. Caroline Lambert has a PhD in Astro-Temporal Physics but no clue about matters of the heart. Married to her work, she has built a machine called PORTAL, capable of opening a window into other universes. She believes it is only for observation, so imagine her horror when she finds herself sucked through the window and right into a whole other world--a world that seems stuck in the past, around the time of the Victorian era.

Now Caroline must deal with hoop skirts and elaborate etiquette, not to mention all the dangers of the past. It's a minefield of antiquated social mores and poisons used as medicines and cosmetics. But perhaps the most perplexing problem is the husband she has somehow acquired--a tall, dark Blood Kindred named Richard who claims she is his wife and refuses to let her go. For in this universe, the Kindred arrived 200 years earlier than in her own time and they have made their way into polite Richard seems determined to make his way into Caroline's heart.

Will Caroline ever find her way back to her own time and universe? Will she succumb to Richard's charms and give in to the big Blood Kindred who claims her as his own? And what about the scheming mother she has in this world who is determined that she will leave Richard for a Viscount of questionable morals? Caroline doesn't know what to do, she only knows that if she cannot somehow open another window into her own world she will be forever...Trapped in Time.

Evangeline Anderson is the USA Today and NYT Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred, Alien Mate Index, and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.

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