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Future, Betrayed
Project Mars Book 2
by Jacey Holbrand & Elizabeth Monvey
Genre: M/M SciFi Romance 

In the future, be careful who you trust…

Ben Stockton lives on a dying Earth. A poisoned atmosphere and fertility issues are only two of the reasons people flock to the Project Mars Lottery, hoping to win a chance to go to the Red Planet. When Ben’s husband, Dain, is targeted as a potential DNA donor, the once exciting prospect of starting over turns into a nightmare.

Forced to work for the governmental scientific agency, Sector, Dain is sent to Mars on a secret mission, while Ben has to remain behind. Separated from each other, they try to cling to the memories of their love as well as the hope that one day they’ll be reunited.

But Sector has different plans for the couple. Unbeknownst to Ben, Sector has used him as a test subject in a desperate bid to cure the sterility problems facing the human race. Impregnated and left alone, Ben stumbles upon the underground resistance. It will take all his strength to find the love of his life before Dain is lost to him forever.

The beeping alerting Sven Robinson to an incoming call seemed to grow more incessant with each passing second. He had a good guess as to who was on the other side and why. His secret counterpart on Earth, Doctor O, had been kind enough to apprise him of Sector Main’s message that’d been sent to the Las Vegas headquarters, and he expected Trask to be reaching out right on O’s heels. Robinson didn’t have to reread the electronic mail that had come over the secure server to remember what it’d said. Sector Main had received some troubling information. They planned to dispatch two diplomats to Las Vegas and do an audit of all the systems. Tired of listening to the annoying computer chime, he pushed away from his lab table, went to his computer, and connected to the GIN network. Trask, who appeared to have sprouted a few more grays in his dark hair, appeared on his screen. “You need to return to Earth,” Doctor Trask said without preamble and a frantic cast to his gaze. “Sector Main is coming. They want to go through our servers. This cannot be happening. Not now!” Trask’s hand formed a fist and banged the desk so hard a book at the edge bounced and fell to the floor. Sven drummed his fingers on his desk and nodded sagely. “I suspected this was coming.” “What?” Trask exclaimed. “You don’t seem the least bit surprised. Don’t you realize we need to nip this visit in the bud? You can stop this—” “Why would I do that?” Robinson interrupted. “Our servers have the names of everyone we’ve experimented on. They’ll charge us with crimes against humanity.” Robinson bridged his fingers. “I have spent years here on Mars for this very reason. The people we’ve brought here are the idyllic specimens of acceptable DNA. Earth is a lost cause. Has been for years. But Mars is what I’ve created.” “You never planned to return?” Trask asked, seeming shocked at the revelation. “But … the experiments. The farm! These were your projects, not mine!” “They are merely the stepping stones to the real salvation of our species,” Robinson said calmly. “When man first arrived on Mars over a hundred years ago, those pioneers couldn’t have imagined how quickly technology could’ve expanded. I’ve created a utopia on Mars where the best of us can thrive. Very soon we’ll have no need for anything on Earth.” Trask frowned. “What about me? Do I get to join you?” “Eventually,” Robinson promised to shut the other doctor up. How people feared the man was beyond him. He disliked Trask’s weakness of getting wound up and whiny so easily when confronted by his superiors, but for the time being, he still needed the doctor. “Stockton has eluded me, but I believe the implantation took. He might have fled under the protection of Tarak Dev or one of Dev’s resistance groups.” He coughed to get the distaste of saying the word “resistance” out of his mouth. “I can’t wait until the day the resistance here is crushed, and then Mars will be completely mine.” “Yours? Don’t you mean ours?” “Of course,” Robinson said smoothly, nodding his head to placate Trask. “Sector has ruined what could have been an explosion of human evolution with their humanity laws. On Mars, we can be God.” “You should let Tarak Dev go, though,” Trask said sharply. “This obsession you have of destroying him will be your Moby Dick.” “He betrayed me!” Robinson snapped. “He betrayed what Sector was reaching for, bringing life back onto a dying planet. He chose his wife over science.” “Right. He chose his wife over his job, while you chose your work over your wife, and you let it ruin a friendship.” Robinson glared at the screen, wanting to put his fist through it and into Trask’s mouth. No one needed to remind him of his time in DC and how he’d been turned on by a man he’d mentored and given everything to, including his trust. Appearing to realize the error of his ways, Trask took a deep breath. “What do I do about Sector Main?” “You have the means to hide everything,” Robinson murmured. “Don’t forget that the new biotech formula can alter memories if needed.” “Of course!” Trask took another breath. His anxious demeanor eased. He smiled. “Oh, I just remembered something. If you’re determined to bring him down no matter what, I may have found a way to get your whale.” Robinson cocked his head. “How so?” Perhaps Trask will continue to be of use to me after all. “Nate Stockton is one of the nanotech recipients. He has a cousin, Ben Stockton, and one of the undercovers managed to get the DNA of that cousin’s husband.” He reached for a tablet and brushed his fingertips along the screen. “The sample matched to an ex-NFOP officer. Dain Cardile. We can use Ben and Dain to track down Nate Stockton and Tarak Dev.” Robinson grinned. “Wonderful. Do you what you need to do to get that cousin under Sector control. Force him, if you need to. Once we finish with the farm, you can leave Earth and join me on Mars. Sector will have no more control over my vision of a perfect society.” 

Future, Broken
Project Mars Book 1

In the future, be careful who you trust.

Nathaniel Stockton and Grover Silas Ranger are faced with the ultimate test to their relationship when the Project Mars Lottery comes to town. Nate wins a chance to have his dreams come true: to live and work on the red planet with his love. Yet his husband, Ranger, doesn't see the point of going from one bad place to another. But an evil organization called Sector has a completely different idea for the couple.

Kidnapped, experimented on, impregnated, and sent to Mars, Nate realizes too late he trusted the wrong people.

Ranger fights to find a way to Nate. Will he make it to his love before their dreams and lives are irrevocably broken by distance, a pregnancy, and the corrupt agency?

Jacey Holbrand believes life and love comes in all forms and should be celebrated. She’s committed to her muse and writing so she can share her stories with readers. Hot days. Sexy nights. Come play in her world. Jacey loves to hear from readers!

Elizabeth Monvey is the pseudonym for a single mother from Los Angeles. She writes manlove stories, where the hero meets the man of his dreams because happily ever after is one of her favorite things.

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Guest Post for Future, Betrayed – Character Interview: series villain Sven Robinson

Jacey Holbrand and Elizabeth Monvey are happy to present the second book – Future, Betrayed – in the Project Mars series they’ve developed. They’ve been having fun creating a futuristic world in which humans are living and loving on Earth and on Mars while fighting to survive the outrageous ministrations of rogue scientists in an agency called Sector. They have four books so far in the works in the series. Book one – Future, Broken – is available through eTailers. Books three and four, as of this writing, are works in progress. But for now, here’s an interview by Jacey Holbrand with the villain of the series, Sven Robinson.

- Do you and your significant other have a favorite place to vacation? If so, where is it and why?
Significant other? Bah! I divorced the bitch when she said she’d report me for the experiments I wanted to perform, then I moved to Mars where I’ve set up my empire.

- What's your superpower, or what's your spirit animal? Why?
I don’t need a superpower or a spirit animal. I’m a super genius. Some, including myself, would call me a god.

- What’s your favorite thing to do and why?
Creating new experiments to develop better humans and bring humanity to the next level.

- What are some of your dislikes?
The resistance and its leader Tarak Dev. Thorns in my side. All of them.

- If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go?
The day Tarak Dev turned against me. I’d make damn sure to detain him.

- What is your greatest fear?
Not being able to execute my vision of a perfect society or living long enough to enjoy it.

- What is your greatest hope?

Making Mars into the greatest utopia in all of history and finding a way to become immortal to enjoy the fruits of my genius. 

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