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The Alpha Nanny
by Remy Marie
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

She needs money. He masks his pain. Life gives them a second chance, but reality may tear them apart.

Deena Zheng is in over her head. With her father’s mounting medical bills, a townhome in disrepair, and more stress than one person should bear, she does all that she can do to stay afloat. Out of options and desperate to pull her family out of the red, she must get out of her comfort zone and accept a nanny position with her firm’s notoriously impossible client or risk her family’s livelihood.

Jesse Grant struggles to get past his grief after losing the love of his life. Ever since her death, the billionaire hedge fund manager has used alcohol to mask his pain and, in the process, lost a part of himself. With a young son to raise and a business to run, he must pull himself together before he jeopardizes everything he’s worked so hard to build.

When they meet, the physical attraction is undeniable, but their personal demons and new professional relationship will make any hopes of pursuing a relationship too complicated for either to handle.Will they ignore their growing feelings for each other and keep their relationship strictly professional or will outside forces force them to reveal the truth?

Jesse's door was open as I watched him punching and kicking the bag. He was drenched in sweat kicking and punching the heavy bag with purpose. He was in his own world until I interrupted him. "Jesse?" He stopped his workout and smiled at me. "Deena! Thank you for dinner. I never thought I would've liked squash spaghetti, but once again you proved me wrong." "I had a feeling you would like it." Jesse laughed and nodded. I heard the Velcro rip off his MMA gloves as he removed them. He walked towards me shirtless and I couldn't help but stare at his body. I glanced at the sweat dripping down his body and grew envious of one sweat droplet as it strolled down his stomach going past my vision into his shorts. I wanted to join in its path and see what the bulge in his shorts hid. I licked my lips and my breathing became sporadic as different sexual fantasies flooded my mind. Jesse stood in front of me, an inch away from my face. From the distance, I could smell his masculine scent and it turned up my downstairs oven even more. I had to take a deep breath to get myself under control. I found myself fighting my urges realizing the distance between our lips was growing closer. Is he going to kiss me? I pressed my lips together waiting for his soft contact; however, it never came. Jesse leaned forward and grabbed the towel nearby on the table. "Excuse me," he said shuffling past me to grab the white towel. He dried his body off with the towel and walked back to his desk area. "Is Lamar in bed?" he asked tapping through his computer. "Yes, he is. Is there anything else you need of me before I leave?" Jesse looked up from his desk and shook his head. "No, Deena I'm fine. Once again, you've knocked it out of the park with your service. I'll see you tomorrow." Jesse responded as his eyes went back to the computer screen. I nodded then turned and walked away. Within a few steps, I realized, this wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to feel Jesse's lips on mine, I wanted his fingers to graze over my body, taking me in any way he found was necessary. I wanted him. Perhaps, I should've made the first move. Two years without a touch of a woman was far too long, perhaps, I needed to give him the push to take the leap with me. I took a final breath, knowing once I made this move, there was no going back. "Fuck it." I whispered turning back, but before I could, Jesse's lips were on me. It was shocking, but delightful. Powerful, yet passionate. It was a kiss every woman craves. A kiss that they yearn for when they make romantic thoughts. It was a kiss that would take your breath away, and make you believe that you were the only woman in the world. I stumbled back from the impact, but his strong hands kept me from falling. The way his lips locked on my own, it felt perfect, like a lid fitting a jar. His lips were soft and smooth; however, the power of his kiss was aggressive and animalistic as he wrapped his large hands around my face and neck. From one kiss, I was placed in a state of bliss I didn't recognize. This is what I've been craving. All this time and now I finally have it. And damn it felt good. We broke our embrace, and Jesse took a small step back. He removed his wedding band necklace and gently placed it on the table near us. He touched it softly once more, before he turned and looked back at me. Like a wave crashing into the beach, his lips found mine again. As we made out, my arms draped around his broad bare shoulders as his own cupped my ass. His grip was tight like if he let go, he would never get a chance to hold me again. He broke away from me and kissed his way down my neck to my collarbone. Each kiss was filled with electric passion. I could feel the electricity sizzle through me causing my body to shake involuntarily. Neither of us spoke a word as we let our lust for each other take over. We were feral animals with only one goal in mind. My moans increased and my fingers tingled. I've never felt this feeling before. I wanted him. I wanted him like the air I breathe, I felt it in my core how bad I wanted the next stage to happen. Before I knew it, I was lifted off the ground, and he held me by my ass as his lips stayed locked on my own. My legs wrapped around his torso, bringing my pelvis closer to throbbing cock. With me dry humping him, he growled, gripping me tighter. The closer I got, the more I could feel his long, hard length against my body. I felt him grow in mass as I ground my body on top of his. The thought of him inside me drove me to insanity. He carried me towards the desk and placed my ass on the edge. He broke his connection off my lips to clear off this desk, causing a clatter as office supplies were thrown off the desk. I hastily began to remove my t-shirt while he prepared the desk for us. Halfway through, my shirt stuck on my face. Shit. I gave it another tug, but the damn thing still stayed latched to my chin. "Here let me help you with that," Jesse laughed. He removed my shirt and tossed it aside like a rag. His eyes became full of lust as he looked me shirtless for the first time. His hands rubbed over my black sports bra massaging my breasts. The motion alone, caused my nipples to perk. He nuzzled his head into my cleavage and licked my tits. My loud moans signaled my satisfaction. I laid down on the wooden desk and his face followed my body. He worked his head from my breasts to my lips continuing to kiss me. My legs were twisted around him, and with his right hand, I felt his fingers graze my stomach, dropping slow down towards my yoga pants. I didn't fight him, as I felt him grip my pants to pull them down. My yoga pants were nearly off when we heard a noise. It was soft at first, then it grew louder as a small figure in pirate pajamas walked in. "Daddy?" Lamar asked rubbing his eyes. "Shit!" I screamed ducking underneath the desk. Jesse coughed, adjusted himself and walked towards his son. "What is it Lamar?" he asked taking a knee to get to his son's eye level. "I had a nightmare. Can I come and sleep with you?" he asked rubbing his eyes. "Oh, okay. Let me straighten up some things here, then we could go to bed. Do you mind waiting for me in the office lobby until I get my desk straightened?" Before Lamar could answer, I popped my head up from the desk, with my shirt back on. "Hey Jesse, I found the pen you lost." I added placing the pen on the desk. He smiled and winked at my excuse. "Well, if that's settled let's get ready for bed." Jesse mentioned picking up Lamar. His son wrapped his arms around Jesse and I could tell the little guy was falling asleep in his dad's arms snuggling deep into Jesse's shoulder. Jesse looked at Lamar to double check he was asleep before looking back at me. "If I put him back in his bed, would you like to come up too?" he asked with a smile. I shook my head. "No, you go ahead. Lamar wanted to sleep next to his dad, not alone. I'm going to stay behind and clean up your office. Afterwards, I'm going to head home." I looked at Lamar sleeping in his dad's arms and realized how close we had been to doing something Lamar would have never forgotten. If he had walked in on us five minutes after, there is no telling how he could have reacted. He could have told someone what he saw. It could have been Mrs. Clark or the agency, hell anyone could have found out about our sensual session. Without thinking of the consequences, I spoke up to Jesse. "I think we went too far tonight." Jesse looked shocked and disappointed looking towards me. "Or perhaps not far enough." He grinned. I shook my head once again walking towards him. I grabbed his chin and kissed him. "That kiss was the last time." I told him. Jesse dropped his jaw and gawked back towards me. I had my reasons for pushing him away. This job was one of them. For one brief moment, I was selfish only thinking of myself and not my family. I needed this job, and I'd already broken too many rules, and was one interruption away from breaking the mother of all rules, sleeping with the client. "Why," he asked his eyes never leaving mine. I felt like I was stabbing him in the back as we stared at each other. "It's complicated." I said rubbing my bare arm. My eyes looked at the ground. I was too embarrassed to tell him it was due to financial reasons. What would he think of me then? "Daddy?" Lamar asked waking up on his dad's shoulder. "You should take him to bed. I'm going to stay here and clean up before leaving. Wǎn'ān Bǎobèi," I said squeezing Lamar's checks. "Goodnight Jesse." I added with a stern stare. Jesse looked back at me. He was clearly confused as his mouth wouldn't stay closed from my surprise confession. "We will talk more about this tomorrow," he said before taking Lamar away. Watching him carry his son out, I felt bad of how things had ended. Not to mention, dreaded our conversation tomorrow.

Remy Marie is a romance author who loves to write about charming heroes and brave heroines. While writing never came naturally for Remy, he continued to strengthen his craft, by constantly reading and writing. If he is not writing or reading, he is usually watching TV with his supportive wife, aggressively cheering for his college and professional sports teams, playing video games, or crunching numbers at his daytime job.

Fun Facts About The Alpha Nanny

1. This is Remy Marie’s second novel released to date, but third overall publication.

2. The setting of the Alpha Nanny is based in New York City, one of Remy Marie’s favorite cities to visit.

3. At one time in his life, Remy Marie actually considered going into finance, but instead decided to choose accounting for his career.

4. Remy Marie is an avid investor, and in earlier drafts of The Alpha Nanny, there was a lot more financial jargon.

5. The first ideas of the Alpha Nanny came to Remy watching the celebrations in New York City during New Years Eve in 2017/2018.

6. It only took Remy two months to write the first draft

7. Remy based a lot of the opening scenes of Jesse off of fictional Wall Street investor Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street.

8. Remy Marie can’t speak Mandarin, so it was a challenge to him to include the language in his novel. Along with Google he hired a translator to make sure he got his phrasing correct.

9. He based the cute character of Lamar after his nephew.

10. The Alpha Nanny was originally published on Wattpad. For its limited run of two months, it received over 1,000 reads and over 30 plus votes.

11. Out of 1,200 stories, The Alpha Nanny held the first place ranking among all books in the finance category on Wattpad. It was also ranked as high as 4th in the AWBM category.

12. Unlike the success received in Wattpad, The Alpha Nanny had an unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign, raising zero funds.

13. The Alpha Nanny has its own hashtag on Instagram. #thealphananny

14. Out of the three stories that Remy Marie has published this has been his favorite.

15. There’s a soundtrack for The Alpha Nanny on Spotify! Before you click the link, note that there are some songs that could be spoilers for the ending! The Alpha Nanny Soundtrack Link Nonhyperlinked link:

16. Have you seen The Alpha Nanny Pinterest Board? See wall of inspiration for the novel! Pinterest

Nonhyperlink link:

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