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Kept by the Viking
Forgotten Sons Book 1
by Gina Conkle
Genre: Historical Viking Romance

Loyalty to the Brotherhood comes before all. Including women.

Formidable Viking leader Rurik knows the law. His loyalty to the Forgotten Sons is his bond, and no woman will threaten what he’s built from the ground up. But the Sons are a roving band of Vikings, and Rurik is growing restless—so when Normandy’s chieftain offers land, the proposal intrigues him. And the sultry Parisian thrall he finds in his tent intrigues him even more…

Safira is cunning and clever and full of secrets. Rurik’s men have no interest in securing her safe passage home, but, piqued with lust, Rurik views Safira’s wiles as a captivating challenge—one he’s determined to conquer, even if lying with her is as defiant as it is inevitable.

Traveling with Safira has been a fantasy come true—what started as lust is quickly turning to the kind of partnership Rurik could never have dreamed. But their arrival in foreign lands marks a new chapter, one that demands a Viking wife. With impossible decisions to be made, Rurik’s alliances are fraying, and past promises may not be enough to save him from having to betray those he’s sworn loyalty to—including Safira.

This book is approximately 83,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

Safira set a hand on his heart. She had to feel it thumping hard. Intimacy with a woman was a new, fragile thread working its way into his life weave. Did the Norns laugh at the gruff son of Birka letting a highborn daughter of Paris tether his heart? “I want your kisses. I want your naked skin rubbing mine. I want to feel what happens when your fingers are inside of me. And—” The line of her throat bumped with a fragile swallow “—I want to feel your flesh slide inside of me.” His chest swelled. Her last words were said more firmly than the rest. Very definitive his Paris maid. Her chin dipped and furrow pressed deeper between her brows. Something chipped away at Safira’s confidence. “You would not get as much gold for my safe return. But you would still get a reward.” She paused. “This would be acceptable?” Guilt was icy chips on his skin. His hand fell from its tender stroke on her jaw. “What if I don’t give you back, Safira? What if I keep you forever?”

Her Viking Warrior
Forgotten Sons Book 2

When an outcast goes home and meets a woman seeking justice, hearts will clash…

Eighteen years ago, Bjorn was exiled from Vellefold. Honor-bound to return, he’ll fight for the settlement…then walk away. First, he must work with his childhood friend, now a beautiful, high-ranking Viking lady.

Fierce of spirit, Ilsa will do anything to save her people, including convincing the banished son to take the jarl’s seat. But she has her doubts about the stone-hearted Viking, despite the lust between them. It’s only a matter of time before Bjorn discovers that Ilsa is hiding dangerous secrets, secrets that may jeopardize all they’ve worked for.

When the darkest hour comes, the once-rejected warrior must choose: rescue his men, the Forgotten Sons—or Ilsa, the woman he craves, body and soul.

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

Cold air nipped. Snow began to fall, white specks, dancing, twirling. The enemy could be watching, but he was useless to lift a finger. He needed Ilsa in his arms…to brace himself against rushing emotions, of being fearless and strong, vulnerable and claimed by a woman. “We never have time alone,” he said, rubbing the small of her back. Ilsa answered with a moan. Nestling against him, she clutched a handful of his mantle as if she wouldn’t let go. Breathing sharp, wintry air…this satisfied him. Night was peaceful save the barest breeze cutting through branches. He stilled when her forehead grazed his beard. Her nose skimmed his neck. His huntress scented him. Why hadn’t they done this days ago? “Please, stay,” she whispered “Think of the good you can do.” Cold shock splashed him. He grabbed her shoulders and put some air between them. He nearly groaned at her lips parting and the pink tip of her tongue snaking out to wet them. When her eyes opened, the center of both were dark and liquid. True sensuality. Nothing forced. She might want him in body, but she implored on behalf of Vellefold. Truth gutted him. The settlement came first for her. The Sons came first for him. He squeezed Ilsa’s shoulders, unable to set her aside. Want me! rang in his head but out came, “You wouldn’t like me as jarl.” If he didn’t take the jarl’s mantle, who would?


Gina's fate was sealed when her mom read 'The Highwayman' for a bedtime story. She was five years old at the time, but from then on, Gina was doomed to love history and romance.

Some days she pens sparkling Georgian romance. Other days, she writes evocative Viking romance full of heat and adventure. Gina spent most of her life in southern California but now lives in Michigan with her husband where snow days are perfect for reading and writing. Her books have won awards and garnered critical acclaim. Poke around her website and you'll run across those accolades.

Try this game: Who would you be in history? By Gina Conkle

If you went back in time, which Viking woman would you be?

*Read about these four real Viking women. Then, pick one that closely matches your personality.

*In the comments, tell me which trait(s) stood out to you, and then at the bottom of the post, you’ll find a short bio about the real Viking women.

The Quiz …

A) You’re a quiet, deep thinker. There’s a quality of stillness about you that draws people in. Because of these characteristics, you fall into a leadership role whether it’s something you want or not. You’re generous and fair…as long as people abide by your rules. If they don’t, watch out!

B) You’re a tad headstrong but smart. When the odds are against you, you regroup and try a different approach. Some might say you’re wily as a fox. Using feminine wiles and your brain is fair game in your opinion. And menial labor? Not top on your list of things to do.

C) You’re gentle, stubborn, and curious. The world is your oyster, and you want to explore it. You get your hands dirty and work hard right alongside men. You’re not concerned about equality because you live as you please; men better respect you (and they do!).

D) You’re fierce – physically and mentally. You’re not afraid to defend what’s yours. Family and friends mean the world to you and anyone bringing trouble to your door better watch out. Though it may exhaust you, you work as hard outside the home as inside.

***No peeking! Scroll down to the comments and tell me who you match and why. Then, scroll back up and read about the historical Viking women.

Are you ready to read about the real Viking women and see whose personality aligns with yours?

Meet the Viking women…

A) Audr the Deep-Minded of Iceland (also Aud). The daughter of a Norwegian chieftain, Audr one of the first Viking women to settle Iceland. After becoming a widow, she commissioned a ship built for her to go to Iceland. Twenty men followed her there. Once on the new island nation, leaders divided Iceland into 4 sections. They asked Audr to lead one. She did, granting freedom to all thralls (slaves) who lived in her section. Audr gave them land too with one requirement – follow her rules.

B) Melkorka, a highborn daughter of Eyre, stolen in a raid. She feigned muteness for several years. The highborn woman became a thrall (slave) who disdained chores and made life difficult for the Viking mistress she served. One day the jig was up on her muteness. Her Viking master wisely decided to keep the peace in his home and give Melkorka a home of her own in another meadow! There’s a place in Iceland named after the crafty former slave.

C) Gudrid of Iceland. Her story is in the Sagas but it took historians a long time to believe she was real! Gudrid journeyed with Leif Erikson to “Vinland” (North America) and lived there for a few years. But, she packed up and went back to Iceland. Still restless, the Viking woman traveled to Rome and hung out for a year. Then, she went home to Iceland. She wasn’t concerned about making a name for herself: this was Gudrid’s gentle curiosity at work -- amazing but true travels. It took historians (read that as male historians) centuries to believe she was real – all confirmed when they found her longhouse about 20 years ago in Iceland (silly men!).

D) Freydis (half-sister to Leif). Leif was a brave one, but she’s just as fierce and strong. She too went to the wilds of Vinland as an adventurer. Isolation and wilderness didn’t phase her. Neither did the vicious locals. When they attacked, the Viking men ran but Freydis picked up a fallen sword, weilding it with one breast bared! The attackers ran away (likely in shock because she was also pregnant). Some say the Vinland settlement failed due to a lack of women. (They needed more Freydis’s and Gudrid’s!). One thing is certain, wherever home is Freydis is sure to bravely protect it.

It was a pleasure sharing this slice of Viking history with you. I hope you read Kept by the Viking (Forgotten Sons, bk 1) and Her Viking Warrior (Forgotten Sons, bk 2). You’ll find Viking romance with a twist.

Happy reading!

Gina Conkle

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