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Re: Camelot
The Complete Edition
by E.C. Fisher
Genre: Epic Fantasy 

Seventeen-year-old Arthur Godwin-Dragos finds himself much unlike his childhood heroes who fought for the grace and honor of Camelot. Banished to a bleak boarding school in England, Arthur cannot help but retreat into the fantasy of his mother’s old tales. Longing for his own destiny to assuage his loneliness and despair, Arthur withers in exile in wait for something more.

In the stillness, however, the hands of fate begin to turn. Across the universe, far out of reach of time or space, the planet Avalon grows dim. The ancient sorceress Merlin awakes from a fevered dream--as prophecy calls out through the darkness. Sealed and forgotten, Morgana la Fey stirs in the dark, biding her time to strike against Merlin and Avalon. Once again must the legend of King Arthur awaken, and with the power of the mighty Excalibur, beat back the insufferable darkness once and for all.

“Where am I? What was I doing now?” Arthur asked. He was in a pitch-black space. He couldn’t see his hands in front of him. Suddenly a light started to shine from behind him. He turned to face the light and as he did so his body rushed towards it. As he was falling into the light, images of everything he’s been through flashed by, his memories were flashing before his eyes. The images started to blur as if going faster and then suddenly, they stopped. Arthur was looking at an image he had seen before but not quite. The lake that he saw on his journey to Lancelot was before him, it was morning and fog was light over the lake and there was a young boy with an older man, not something he remembered. The old man handed the boy a sword and the boy started walking towards the edge of the lake. Suddenly, the water rippled a little in front of the boy. A watery figure started to emerge, Arthur couldn’t see it clearly but it looked like a woman. The boy handed her the sword and she took it with her back under the water. The young boy exited the lake and went to stand by the old man again. After a few minutes, the water began to ripple again and the woman appeared. She was holding the sword in one hand and a scabbard in the other. She walked on the surface of the water towards the boy and as she did, she placed the sword into the scabbard and handed it over to him. She waved at them as she melted back into the water. The image faded and started to rush past him again. Suddenly it stopped again, still in the same spot but this time it was dusk out and standing before the lake was a middle-aged man. After a few moments, the water in the lake started to ripple and the woman appeared again. “Are you sure? Separating them would not be wise, young King,” the watery woman said. “The scabbard’s healing ability is too powerful, as you were the one to create it, it would be best that you’re the person to guard it as well,” the man said. He unsheathed the sword and when he did Arthur recognized it, it was Excalibur but he had never seen that scabbard before. “There’ll come a time when a descendant of mine will come here. Judge him and if you find him worthy of this scabbard then give it to him,” he said, as he handed over the scabbard to the woman. “I will do as you wish, young King. I shall wait for as long as it takes,” the woman said, and then disappeared into the water. The image faded away and Arthur was left in darkness.

E. C. Fisher is an emerging author who was born in Vandenberg, AFB, California. Currently, he happily writes and resides in Florida.

From 2007 to 2011, he proudly served in the United States Marine Corps. Three years ago he was introduced to the writing world after a bout of inspiration drove him to write his very first story. After sharing his work with several people and receiving favorable feedback, he decided to continue treading on the creative path of storytelling.

When he doesn't have a pen in hand, you can find him at the bowling alley getting strikes or at home reading fantastical books.

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